1. mAndroids
2. Rage
3. What's love all about
4. Time to be alive
5. Plastic heart
6. Be a light to yourself
7. Ready to die
8. Flash of life
9. Twisted Story
10. Until the end of time

Thomas Adam - Synthesizer, songwriting, vocals
Steffen Keth - singer, composer

World without End (1993)
Unversed in Love (1995)
Fairyland (1996)
Monosex (1998)
Void (1999)
Two (2001)
Devolution (2003)
6 Feet Underground (2004)
Subkutan (2006)
Noob (2007)



Released 19/3-2010
Reviewed 30/3-2010


Sometimes you really have to wonder, how come this record is made available for us? This wonder of course has to do with the fact that this record is more of a synthpop album than a rock/hardrock album. Still, there are guitars in the mix of thing but the sound is much more of Depeche Mode than Iron Maiden to compare with bands most of you readers probably know. Still, this record has been made available and therefore I have to review it.

And for sure it has really not been that much of a sacrifice or whatever degrading term you wish to use to listen to this record. I’ll get back to this later, first I will take you on a wordly description of this music. It is Synthpop with emphasis on the electronic side of things, vocally it reminds me a lot of Depeche mode, you know deep voice with a small hint of electronism, a little like the record was made by Star Wars droids or something, perhaps mAndroids (strange that this is a real word according to my spellcheck program) even.

Well, as I already hinted, I like this record. It is an excellent collection of songs with an atmosphere that I really like. The record really opens in a great way with mAndroids which sets a tone that the rest of the record seem to keep up rather well, the second track Rage is another great track. Plastic Heart, Flash of Light are other tracks that I can easily name from the ten tracks on this record. All tracks are really good and it is one of these tracks that leaves you wanting another track, which is actually the perfect length of a record.

What else to say? this band hail from Germany and seem to be a popular band in the circles of alternative music, I have no idea how popular they are in the rest of the world or for that matter here in Sweden. They have a rather long list of albums released so they have to have made some impression on the scene.

Some of our readers will probably hate this record since it is not heavy or something metallic or whatever reason they use, but that is something that I couldn’t care less about, the style doesn’t matter as long as the record is great which is the case when it comes to this record so if you like synthpop or Depeche Mode I think you will really enjoy this record.

De/Vision has made a great record here, a record anyone with a taste of music will play over and over.


Label - Popgefahr/Soul food/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands - Depeche Mode//
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm