Poison Awaits

1. Roads
2. Incinerate
3. Poison Awaits
4. Seeds Of Sorrow
5. All Is Vanity
6. Black Throne
7. A Dual Pact
8. Torn To Shatters
9. No Promise In The Heavens
10. Striving For Fire
11. Timeless Skies
12. King In The Sun
13. The Demon Within (Digipak Bonus)
14. Comptine D Un Autre Ete (Digipak bonus)

Harald Winkler – vocals
Thomas Herrmann – guitar
Tom Gilcher – guitar
Maurizio Guolo – drums
Armin Dörfler – keyboards
Michael Behnke – bass

Romantic Tales (1994)
Midnight Solemnly Dance (1996)
Spellcraft (1997)
Give me Light (1999)
Diving Into Darkness (2000)
Astral Adventures (2003)
Ultimate Darkness (2005)

Produced by Tommy Herrmann

Released 23/7-2010
Reviewed 9/8-2010


German doom outfit are back with their first album since 2005, that seems to be a hiatus for five years wouldn’t you say? I would say that anyway, the band apparently had a break and now they have a new singer and a new base player which possibly has some effect on their sound, I am quite sure that the new singer is clearly audible for most of us. I however, have not heard the band before which makes this my first encounter with the Germans.

Musically it is as I already have stated, doom metal with slow moving music and deep vocals much like what is usual in the genre. The production is clean without biproducts and the mix has the typical vocal weighted sound that is common in the genre. There is also some groovy songs and parts of this record to add some variation.

I have one reservation to begin with when it comes to this record, it is too long, 65 minutes to be precise which is a tad too long as I already said. For me it feels like the last twenty minutes are just a long wait and when they end I have already decided which record will be the next, that much focus remains for the record in the last part of the same.

Other than the length of the record I do not really have anything to complain about, it is a good and well made record that sounds very good and has some great groove. This groove especially conforms to the confines of the second track that is called Incinerate which is an excellent song that I can be seen playing over again. The problem though is that this track stand out a little too much and is this peak above the rest, a great hit song that raises the value of the record but it comes a bit too early to lift the entire record and it is too along as well.

I think with another track like that and two less tracks on the record it would have been great, now it feels like it is both lacking something and at the same time it is too much but still it is really good, there is lots of ambivalence for me when it comes to this record.

So in the end there are two impressions remaining from this record now that I have given this enough time to sink in. The first one is the length of the record which is just too long and makes for a bit lower impression than it should have had. The second impression is the song called Incinerate which is just a marvellous track so one good and one a little less good impression makes this still a very good record, just too bad it wasn’t shorter because that would have made it great.


Label - Massacre Records
Three similar bands - The Vision Bleak/Doomshine/Burden of Grief
: Daniel Källmalm