The Piper at the Gates of Doom

1. Sanctuary Demon
2. Actors of the Storm
3. Hark! The Absurd Angels Fall
4. Rivers of January
5. Doomshine Serenade
6. The Crow Pilot
7. Cold Cypher Ceven
8. Vanished
9. Waltzhalla
10. Godhunter

Tim Holz - Vocals, Guitar
Sven Podgurski - Guitar (Spiral Tower, Tragedy Divine)
Carsten Fisch - Bass
Markus Schlaps - Drums

Thy Kingdoom Come (2004)

Mastering by Andy Horn

Released 2/7-2010
Recenserad 6/7-2010


German band Doomshine have just released their second album, only six years after their first one which is not really a healthy time but that’s not important right now. This album has a long title which is kind of right since it also goes on for a long time, over an hour actually, which in almost every case is too long time, but that I will save for later in this review. I can also mention that the record has a decent looking cover.

As you probably might already have guessed from both the name of the band and the title of the record this band plays happy pop music in the vein of aqua. What did you think? Doom metal you say? Well of course you might think that, and of course you think right as I was only joking in the first sentence. They are rather in the vein of Candlemass than Aqua. Doom metal means slow moving music that is quite heavy with a sort of groovy motion kind of like riding the boat on the slow moving seas when there is almost no wind at all, just that little breeze that rock the boat a little bit, well you all know what I mean of course. In Doomshine’s case they are also a tad more melodic than the usual suspects, which is about all I can say about the musical thing. Another thing worth mentioning is that the songs are quite long, all of them.

There are ten tracks on this record, ten long tracks which means that the record is quite long, well above an hour actually. It clocks in on just over 73 minutes which is about 33 minutes more than the ideal length for a record. This does not however, mean that this record is bad in any way as it is a good record with good songs that are both powerful and melodic.

There is however, a problem with this record is its length, at 73 minutes and a little it is just too long no matter how good the songs are, they are too similar for the record to work for such a long time. The fact is that the songs are all good and the favourite depends rather on how you play the record, the interest of the record while you play it go up and down, it tops at the start and the end it goes in a nice curve, well not so nice if you are the band or listening to it.

A solution for this with the long record is if you buy it from some webstore in files you can remove four of the songs and create a record that is about 40 minutes which is more ideal and then it works magically and you basically have a whole new record that is a good one as well, at least a point better than the complete album. This is also a quite easy thing to do as there is really no choosing needed to be done as all songs are similar in quality so it does not really matter which tracks are left or removed.

So in the end this is a very good record, well it would have been if there were less music on it, good music it is but it is too much and the term less is more seem to apply even to this record. I say it again, less is more. Doomshine falls short of making a great record for the reason of making it too long.


Label - Massacre Records
Three similar bands - Candlemass/Cathedral/Cage
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm