Black Pearls

01. Infinity
02. Fly
03. Tears Of Time
04. Höllenbrand
05. Eyes Of Suffering
06. Left The Ground
07. Sense Of Time
08. Greed
09. Schadows Of Mine
10. Pray
11. Ist Es Wahr
12. Temple Of Love
13. Tick Tack
14. The Fallen
15. Kein Liebeslied
16. Perils Of The Wind

CD 2:
01. When Darkness Falls
02. Deformity
03. Kaltes Feuer
04. For Love
05. I Never Die
06. In My Hands
07. Open Your Eyes
08. Caroline
09. Ewigkeit
10. Black Celebration
11. The Holy One
12. Endless
13. Revolution
14. My Way
15. Hoffnungen
16. Away

* Eyes Of Suffering
* Deformity
* Shadows Of Mine
* In My Hands
* Tears Of Time
* Ist Es Wahr
* Temple Of Love
* For Love
* Away
* Fly
* The Fallen
* Greed
* Revolution
* Tick Tack
* Höllenbrand
* Kein Liebeslied
* Pray
* Left The Ground
* Infinity
* Black Celebration
* Sense Of Time
Concert footage:
* Wacken Open Air (60 minutes)
* M'era Luna (30 minutes)

Gerhard "Felix" Stass - growling
Matthias Hechler - guitar, clean vocals
Katrin Goger - keyboards
Harald Heine - bass
Markus Jüllich - drums

Transmigration (1993)
... Just Dreaming (1994)
Illusions (1995)
Crematory (1996)
Live... at the Out of the Dark Festival (1997)
Awake (1997)
Act Seven (1999)
Believe (2000)
Remind (2001)
Revolution (2004)
Klagebilder (2006)
Pray (2008)
Infinity (2010)


Released 26/11-2010
Reviewed 19/11-2010


Last time I reviewed a record it was a best of just like this release by Crematory. The difference between those is quite large however as this record celebrates 20 years for the band and not less than ten and they have about thirteen or so studio albums to choose material from and not five, that makes quite a difference, you will have to draw your own conclusions as to which differences I speak of.

Musically I will have to direct you to the review of Infinity from this year (link to the left in the discography) for a description of their musical orientation. If you are lazy I can tell you that it is gothic extreme metal sung in German or English depending on the mood of the band I guess.

This album contains two compact discs with songs from throughout the bands history and also a digital video disc with videoclips, behind the scenes material as well as live stuff which constitutes to several hours of stuff to take in. I have not seen any of the video material so I will focus this review more on the songs and compact discs than the other stuff of which I rather know nothing so I say nothing about it from now on (or not).

I am usually rather allergic to best of albums and see them as unnecessary and mainly for labels to earn more money. Sometimes there are exception though if the albums offer additional value in forms of good material for the fans and so on, the best of I reviewed earlier this week had nothing of this, this one is different in this aspect and has the video stuff and so on but also a collection of songs from a much longer career.

Another thing other than unnecessarity of an album is the fact that I will always miss many of my favourite songs on the best of and that is something I also noted when listening to this one, where is Auf dem Flucht? Said track is my ever favourite track of Crematory and I miss it on this best of album. At the same time we have to respect that opinions are different between people even though mine is the best, and that means that all of us will miss tracks but still there are tracks like Infinity which start up the record, Caroline which is one of my favourite Crematory tracks of all time, Black Celebration which of course suite this record like a swollen hand in a glove and so on and so forth.

So even if I find best of records being often less preferable than falling on a street while a man keeps running after you with a flame thrower I can’t help enjoying this release by Crematory, I mean with all these great songs collected from several really good album you can really feel that this is the best and also a great introduction to the band for a newcomer. It is not just a decent collection of song, it is a collection of great songs and then we have not even looked at the video material and still this record feels important and good.

This is without a doubt something that have the potential to win new fans for the band and make new people want to discover more about the band and by that become buyers of the older albums of the band. At the same time it is also something for the old fans of bands much thanks to the additional video material but also because it is a powerful collection songs that can be played at parties or whatever.

I think this kind of record is exactly what a best of album should be all about. It is a collection of wonderful songs from a long career of a skilled band, it contains additional stuff that adds value to the package and it is a release in celebration of something. Crematory celebrates twenty years as a band and does that with a collection of pearls, black pearls.


Label - Massacre Records
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Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm