Crematory - Infinity

1. Infinity
2. Sense of Time
3. Out of Mind
4. Black Celebration
5. Never Look Back
6. Broken Halo
7. Where Are You Now
8. A Story About...
9. No One Knows
10. Auf der Flucht

Gerhard "Felix" Stass - growling
Matthias Hechler - guitar, clean vocals
Katrin Goger - keyboards
Harald Heine - bass
Markus Jüllich - drums

Transmigration (1993)
... Just Dreaming (1994)
Illusions (1995)
Crematory (1996)
Live... at the Out of the Dark Festival (1997)
Awake (1997)
Act Seven (1999)
Believe (2000)
Remind (2001)
Revolution (2004)
Klagebilder (2006)
Pray (2008)

Produced by Markus Jüllich (Crematory), Christian Kohlmannslehner

Released 29/1-2010
Reviewed 15/1-2010


What makes the biggest mark on me when I have heard this record is the ending track, sung in the German language called Auf Der Flucht which is just a wonderful track to en a record with, the chorus of this song is plain fantastic and remains in the memory when the record has finished playing. That is a tracks that burns away even the slightest preconceptions I had about this band’s quality of music. Not that I had any expectations whatsoever since a wise person once said that expectations leads to disappointments and not to have any expectations seems rather wise there, don’t you think.

Musically I actually thought that this band would be a very extreme and heavy, rough band like labelmates Criminal or something in that fashion but I was wrong. Creamatory is actually much more melodic than their name leads you to believe, the vary clean vocals with growls and in the same way vary extreme instrumentalism with more melodic. It is a balance act they perform throughout this record.

The record begins with the title track which is a rather decent start to this album, the latter is a thing that returns to mind all the way through the record: rather decent. Rather decent, rather decent, rather decent, hey this is really good, rather decent, rather decent, rather decent, rather decent, rather decent, this is excellent; that is what I thought of the tracks when listening through this album. It is not better or worse than I had expected since I hadn’t. The tracks that is written about as good are Black Celebration which is a Depeche Mode cover and Auf Der Flucht which is the ending track.

Even though this record has two fantastic tracks and it is not too long I still feel like it is just decent overall, the good tracks are cleverly placed on the record but when listening many times I see through this and realise that most music on this record is average, nothing more and even combined with two great tracks the record is still just rather good, nothing more.

Maybe if they had placed the finishing song as track number nine and made that track the last one, then maybe it would have managed to reach a higher mark on the H-scale. Still it is a not a bad record and it doesn’t feel too long but sometimes the wait for the great ending track feels a tad too long.

So in the end, Crematory does not make anything world changing or world class or anything like that, this is a record that feels rather decent, neither more nor less. Fortunately I decided not to have expectations as those leads to disappointments and the latter I do not want.

Crematory feels rather decent with this record in mind.

The below video is not a song from the reviewed record


Label - Massacre Records
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Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm