Star Insight
Across the Galaxy

Label: Inverse Records
Tre liknande band: The Kovenant/Sirenia/Spiritus Mortis

Betyg: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Recensent: Daniel Källmalm
1. Escape as a Last Resort
2. Reaching for the Sky Above
3. I’m Not a Number
4. It’s All Lies
5. Withing Horizon
6. Across the Galaxy
7. Death to the Stars
8. Past, Present & Future
9. Lost in the Starlight
10. Over the Edge
11. Shine on Me Once Again

Pekka Rajala - Vocals, synth and programming
Anna Pellikka - Vocals
Mikael Nurmi - Guitars, synth and programming
Toni Jokinen aka Riveryman - Solo and lead guitars
Aapo Timonen - Bass

Calla EP (EP 2011)
Messera (2014)


Mixed and mastered by Kimmo Perämäki
Album cover by Jan Yrlund (Darkgrove design)

Released 2020-10-16
Reviewed 2021-04-12

inverse records

read in english

Finns with star insight takes a journey across the galaxy, something that sounds quite exciting. The cover art is pretty cool, so it has to be something great, or does it? Across the Galaxy is the second album of this Finnish band, the first one was released in 2014 and they formed well before that. They seem to be a band that takes their time finishing their albums, sometimes that is a positive. But the question I have is whether or not it is as good as it looks, I mean space adventures and a guy with a plague mask on a great artwork makes it very tempting beforehand.

It is symphonic metal with two vocalists, one guy who grunts and sings the make part, perhaps it is the guy on the cover. And they also have a female vocalist, I think the vocalists are pretty dull, both of them. They do get more dynamics with two vocalists, that also helps create a sense of variation, but the album still can’t be described as very varied or dynamic. You cannot really be that impressed with the soundscapes either, the production is average, and it is pretty fortunate that it isn’t longer than it is.

It is an unimpressive release and the dream of a journey across the galaxy falls flat to the ground fast way before you can launch into orbit. None of the songs are particularly good, and there isn’t really anything that stands out as interesting about this album. It should have been a great space adventure, but it is mostly a dull and grey newly painted wall that is drying. With no good vocalists and no great songs it is an album that doesn’t bring much joy to the listener, perhaps it is best to avoid it.

Perhaps you might find it appealing if you like the genre, but I doubt that you do. There are just so many better choices that it is probably wise to just not bother with what this Finnish band has made here. Perhaps it is too bad that this was sitting around in my music player well beyond the release day, it could have spared some of you the time and money wasted on this non-adventure. It would be wiser to go for another space adventure.