Innocent Rosie - Bad Habit Romance

1. Bitter Cocktail
2. Knock Me Out
3. Animal
4. Let A Memory Die
5. Bad Habit Romance
6. Sextalkin'
7. Im A Vibe
8. Wasteland
9. Shine Shine Shine
10. Dont Drag Me Down
11. I'll Get Rich
12. Left Alone

Oscar Kaleva- vocals, harmonica
Benjamin Boräng- drums
Olof Oljelund- bass
Joel Eliasson- guitar


Released 02/18/09
Reviewed 03/10/09


Neither innocent nor Rosie can really be found when closer inspecting this band of four guys from Varberg in southern Sweden. They seem to indicate that there is a renaissance of these bands are coming, at least if one should believe the latest releases by Swedmetal, the label of Innocent Rosie and some other similar bands.

The video Knock Me Out which the band made in july 2008 was the most played rock video on the Swedish MyspaceTV and still it is one of 2008 most played rock videos.

Musically we have touched what it is about, it is the glammy rock of the 80s, you know the one from the likes of Mötley Crüe, Poison and so on. Simple and catchy with lyrics that is so typical for the genre, some of the titles to the left might give you a slight hint of what I am talking about. It is heavy rock music with simple riffs, catchy choruses and somewhat explicit lyrics, it is the glammy style rock/metal of the 80s, nothing groundbreaking or earth shattering here. Still, the vocals are not as high pitch and nagging as the usual suspects and the music is somewhat heavier making this something slightly different from the rest of the bands in the genre, well maybe not all of the bands but most anyway.

Musically this is pretty easy listening and nothing that requires a lot from you as a listener. It is rather well made however and the songs are good all the way through. Some songs are even somewhat memorable, opening Bitter Cocktail is a great start, the title track is also a very good one same goes for the three shines, the song called Shine, Shine, Shine is also a fine example of what the band is capable of doing in their prime.

There is not really too much to complain about when it comes to the musical side, the production is also good enough to make a great record. Still there are some notes or call the reservations if you like and that is the fact that I get the feeling that this record is a tad too long, many songs are a bit too similar for it to reach the real high points. These points are rather small in the long run and they surely doesn’t ruin a good record.

In the end this band really show that they can make good music and that this is only the beginning since this is after all, only the first release by this band. Now they only need to learn how to write better music in the future in order for their career to really take off. This debut shows a band on the right track.


Label - Swedmetal records
Three similar bands - Mötley Crüe/Whitesnake/Poison
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm