Nifelheim - Envoy of Lucifer

1. Infernal flame of destruction
2. Evocation of the end
3. Gates of damnation
4. Claws of death
5. Storm of the Reaper
6. Envoy of Lucifer
7. Evil is eternal
8. Raging flames
9. Belial's Prey
10. No more life

Per Gustavsson (V)
Erik Gustavsson(G & B)
Sebastian Ramstedt/Battalion (G)
Johan Borgebäck (G)
Peter Stjärnvind (D)

Nifelheim (1994)
Headbangers Against Disco Vol. 2 (7" Vinyl 1997)
Devil's Force (1997)
Servants Of Darkness (2000)
Unholy Death (7" vinyl 2000)
13 Years (samling 2003)
Tribute to Slayer Magazine - split med Sadistik Exekution (7" vinyl 2006)
Thunder Metal - Split med Vulcano (7" vinyl 2006)

officiell sida

Listening to Nifelheim makes me think of apple pie. Not so that the band is known for singing about bakeries of fruit, nor that they sound like some sort of apple pie or something that can be related to it – I just think it feels like apple pie listening to Nifelheim.

One might argue that with apple I mean they are rotten and soft and with pie I mean they are pie-jaser (learn Swedish and you’ll understand that joke), but that’s not the way I mean. I mean that Nifelheim is one big apple pie. They paint their faces, call themselves satanistics and brings blod and raw meat to their shows – sounds like any of the American Pie movies… Therefore!

But to the music: to describe what Nifelheim play I may quote the movie Dumb and Dumber – ”do you want to hear the most annoying sound in the world? Eeeeyyyääääähhhhhhhhh”. That’s what Nifelheim play.

’Envoy of Lucifer’ is just as bad as I had expected and probably doesn’t make anyone either happier, richer, or anything but manic depressed and suicidal. But I guess they do their thing and they have all the right to do so, but don’t expect anything from it – I guess they are just happy to see their stuff on CD even though satanic stuff always seems to have someone willing to produce it, just like Biblical stuff, no matter how crappy it is.

My advice though is NOT to either buy or illegally download it, except possibly if you’re totally snowed in onto old school black or death metal. However, that’s my personal opinion. If you want a professional opinion you’ll have to turn somewhere else because I can’t stand listening long enough on this album to describe it otherwise than what stands above: the most annoying sound in the world – that’s this piece of apple pie!

To the record label: It’s not very smart to write “fuck off” to the journalists that’s gonna help you sell the album. Fuck off!


Label - Regain
Three similar bands - Necrophobic/Lord Belial/Satyricon
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm