Primal Fear - New Religion

1. Sign of Fear
2. Face the Emptiness
3. Everytime it Rains
4. New Religion
5. Fighting the Darkness
6. Blood on Your Hands
7. The Curse of Sharon
8. Too Much Time
9. Psycho
10. World on Fire
11. The Man (That I Don't Know)

Ralf Scheepers (V)
Stefan Leibing (G)
Henny Wolter (G)
Mat Sinner (B,V)
Randy Black (D)

Seven Seals (2005)
Devil's Ground (2004)
Black Sun (2002)
Nuclear Fire (2001)
Jaws Of Death (1999)
Primal Fear (1998)

Recording info:
House of Music Studios, Germany
Galaxy Studios, Belgium
Prducer Mat Sinner
Technician & co-producer Charlie Bauerfeind
Mixed by Ronald Prent

Simone Simons (V)
Magnus Karlsson (G)
Matz Ulmer (Orchestral arrangement with Mat Sinner)


Primal Fear is back with another album of sci-fi scented heavy metal, and as always the impression is solid to the bone; a kick in the nuts you might even say if you speak Vulgar. Stylewise it is heavy metal as always, I could drop a name of an old and famous band in the genre but I will not do that. Falsetto yells and vocals powerful in other ways accompanied by melodic and heavy guitars with strong rhythm section, heavy freakin’ metal without compromises is what it is, if you have hear the band on Devils Ground or Seven Seals you know what it is you will hear here as well.

It opens with yelling and screaming loud song Sign of Fear, following track Face the Emptiness is not as loud but has a great chorus. Then a new and impressive Primal Fear show themselves in Everytime it Rains which features vocals by renown Simone Simons from Epica who sing a duet with Ralf Scheepers very, very impressive song that really makes you wish you could grade this album higher. The title track is actually quite boring, but after it follows Fighting the Darkness which is the second great in the trinity of New Religion, closing The Man (That I Don’t Know) is the final part of this amazing trinity. Too bad that not all songs was equally good, then I would have had to grade it six or seven, but this feels in many parts much like regular Primal Fear with a few exceptions that I have named.

Sinner and Scheepers once again deliver a solid effort that can’t make any fan disappointed, at the same time they slowly evolve into something greater, maybe they need this album to punch in the road before they make the step towards real greatness. The peaks impress me but as a full it is no more then its predecessors though good it lacks the real change needed for it to be another must-have in the collection. Still I will live a long time on Everytime it rains, Fighting the Darkness and The Man and that is what I will bring forward from this album that in general is quite ordinary.

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Label - Frontiers
Three similar bands - Judas Priest/Gamma Ray/Iron Savior
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm