Easy Action

01. Rocket Ride
02. Mental Dance
03. The End of the Line
04. Don’t Cry, Don’t Crack
05. Another Saturday Night
06. We Go Rocking
07. Let’s Loose Control
08. Rock Things Out
09. Number One
10. Turn Me On
11. Rock On Rockers
12. Round Round Round
13. Drop the Bomb (live)
14. In the Middle of Nowhere
15. Roll Baby Roll(live)
16. The End of the Line ’84
17. Round Round Round (live)
18. Don’t Cry, Don’t Crack (live)
19. Number One (live)
20. We Go Rocking (live)

Zinny J. Zan (V)
Kee Marcello (LG, K, Harmonica)
Alex Tyrone (B)
Freddie Van Gerber (D)
Danny Wilde (RG)
Chris Lynne (RG)

Easy Action (1983)
That Makes One (1986)

Re-release from 1983


This is a re-release of a 1983 release by Swedish glam legends Easy Action, a band I have never heard of, but that may not be that strange since I wasn’t really around when this, according to the promosheet, legendary album was released.

We are given simple classic glam rock, no oddballs or anything in this record. It is straightforward, guitar oriented rock with an attitude of glam, the fact that Poison was accused of plagiarising We Go Rocking on their single We Want Action, may convince you of that. Some of may already have heard this album since it have been released once before.

The line-up that did most of the songs here are some to-become legends like Kee Marcello and Zinny J. Zan, but they aren’t really impressing very much with what they come up with, not even ten bonus tracks among many are live tracks can make it interesting. Musically they aren’t really doing much, it is that glam-style music that we have heard from the era with simple quite melodic guitar lines some keys and not too much power in the rhythm section, it isn’t anything new, perhaps it once was when the band formed Scandinavian glam (wonder what that is, never heard of that either).

This is said to be an influential band that has meant a lot to other bands, other poor and boring bands then? I can’t really see what the big deal is really, they have one good song, that is actually repeated in the bonustrack section, The End of the Line is the track’s name.

I can’t find what makes this band that great, I don’t really see them as anything more then a creator of boredom.

I would say that buying anything else from 1983 will probably be a better deal then buying this album that is as I said a re-release, but it may also be seen as a best of album since it is ten additional tracks besides the ten original.

Anyway, before I loose it; this is not anything to spend money on. I was sighing and moaning my way through this album, every time.

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Label - Diesel & Glory
Three similar bands - Poison/T-Rex/Mötley Crüe
Rating: HH
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm