Sense Of

Label: Fastball
Three similar bands: Machine Head/Chimaira/Sinergy

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Intro
2. Illusion
3. Reality
4. Space
5. Life
6. 7th Sense
7. Instinct
8. Perfection
9. Pain
10. Death
11. Survive
12. Time

Tom White – Guitar
JC Daisy – Drums
Vany Shade – Guitar
Dani Nell – Vocals
Steven DRT – Bass

Endless Restless (2020)


Recorded by Patrick & Lukas @ Goldengrey Studio, Frankfurt A.M.
Mixed and Mastered by Aljoscha Sieg @ Pitchblack Studios

Released 2022-10-28
Reviewed 2023-02-19


fastball music

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First album by Swiss band DevilsBridge, they released an EP that we reviewed in 2020. It is called Sense Of, and it doesn’t exactly sport the greatest artwork in metal history. What it does sport is a female vocalist, and that is more often than not more positive than a male vocalist. Not because male singers are worse, but they are so common that it is easy to develop aversions and allergies towards them. In fact, the whole metal genre would probably be a lot more fun and diverse with more female members, it is too much of a world for dull, black clothed, long-haired guys – and yes, I think most of the metal albums that are released these days are rather boring. So, what about this one?

Well, it is not a miracle of fresh creative ideas, but it sounds modern and has a good diversity through the twelve tracks. Funny thing I notice is that all tracks besides 7th Sense consists of only one words, I wonder if that is a conscious thing and why they spell seventh like they do. Dani who does the vocals is very good, fits like a glove for the music. The production is also good, but maybe they could have gone for a slightly more dynamic sound. It ranges from quite typical heavy metal to more grungy and powerful rougher stuff, a good variation and sensible playing time. Perhaps I experience the playing time as more sensible also because the final track on the CD was damaged to I couldn’t play it and had to skip it every time.

It is a strong album in many respects, previously mentioned 7th Sense is a memorable and great track. The other ones are good, solid, catchy, and so on, without really grabbing my attention. For the most part I am not very attentive when listening to this album, kind of like a background noise more than anything that begs for me to listen. Good for driving as it is usually just there like white noise to cancel road noises and things like that. Fans of the classic heavy metal styled music will probably find this quite appealing, it may go down well with many as the songs are accessible and probably fits well into mixed playlists and such.

A solid first album by a fairly interesting band, there are things they can improve upon in order to rise above the masses and escape the ever-widening mainstream of similar albums. That is the problem, too much of this kind of music is released these days and in that noise they don’t have enough of a voice to stand out.