Yeah, Sick!
Set to Devour Us All

Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Psychostick/Horse The Band/System of a Down

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Tin Foil Freak
2. Spill Your Guts
3. Serve It Cold
4. Machine Man
5. John Wick's Dog
6. Living Hamburger
7. The Little Book Of Calm
8. Vegan Butcher
9. The Trickster

Liam (Frosty) Frost-Camilleri - bass, vocals
Benito Martino - drums



All tracks written and performed by Yeah, Sick!
Production, mixing and mastering by EOL Studios
Drums recorded at Bushido Studios

Released 2022-06-26
Reviewed 2022-07-25


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They are set to devour us all, the sickness or whatever it can be. Yeah, it is sick. It started as a lockdown project with Liam writing some riffs on the bass guitar and then contacting his friend Benito to create a project of stripped-down hardcore sound. And it became more than just the project, they are already working on a new release and will do a few shows before they record that stuff. But what is it that the Australian duo has created?

It is a quite bass-heavy hardcore album, some comedy metal is mixed in with that. Titles like Living Hamburger, Vegan Butcher kind of shows off that mentality. So they balance between serious heavy music and comedy metal. They do so with strong energy and some catchy sing-along stuff. Hardcore/punkish vocals that are raw and energetic – the energy is something that comes flowing through the entire album, they don’t really slow down. And they keep it quite short with a playing time of about 35 minutes.

The press sheet claims that if you are a fan of the three similar bands you should have a look at this album. Perhaps it is so, they do have some fresh elements, I think the string work is very interesting and a strong positive for this album. In the other side of the scale we have the lack of really fresh ideas and a lack of originality that can weaken their argument a little. I would also have liked one or two standout tracks, something that makes me want to return to this album, there isn’t really anything like that.

So I have been arguing with myself if it is three points or four that is the way to go, and eventually I decided to go for the four points at is too good to give a rating on the lower half of the scale. But I do hope for something a little bit more dramatic and exciting the next time out, something a bit sicker and more dramatic perhaps. So, look out for vegan butchers and living hamburgers when you go to check out this one – that is if you are a fan of the similar bands you can see at the top of the review. Pretty funny album all in all.