De Vaendrig

Label: Dominance of Darkness Records/Tour de Garde
Three similar bands: Taake/Bethlehem/Horna

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Doodgeslagen onschuld
2. De vaendrig
3. Jachttijd
4. Voorwaarts! De nacht roept
5. Bestevaer
6. Afgunst
7. Liturgie Van Zelfhaat


Galgenvot - Guitar, vocals, composition
Valr - Drums
Mercur - Bass, backing vocals

Domstad Swart Metael (2019)

Guest vocals on "Voorwaarts! De nacht roept" by Vagevuur & R. Schmidt

PRecorded by Wrang in Utrecht, The Netherlands, Spring 2020
Produced, mixed & mastered by JB van der Wal in Paterswolde, Drenthe, 2021
Artwork by Vengealis
Design by Galgenvot
Photo by R. Schmidt

Released 2022-06-03
Reviewed 2022-07-29


dominance of darknes

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Dutch band Wrang comes with their second album called De Vaendrig, The Ensign if you translate it, perhaps it is one of those from olden times on the cover. It is one of those bands that have musicians with aliases, I often wonder if the members of many black metal bands are so ashamed of being part of such bands that they use the make-up and aliases – perhaps they feel that it is a ridiculous genre. It could be other reasons, point is that Wrang is one of those bands using aliases for their members. And they use the Dutch language for their lyrics, a nice touch as that language is rarely used in music that is spread more internationally.

The thing with the black metal is that they could just as well have sung in Klingon or Swahili, there is often no way of hearing what they sing, or croak, anyway. Like it often is on the De Vaendrig, not always as there are parts where you hear as well. But in general they are quite alike most of the black metal, the sounds are familiar and the surprises are few. The music is described as caught in the conflict between pessimism and hope, and maybe it is but I would have liked there to be more hope, without light the dark never seem to be really dark. The abysses seem a lot darker if there is something opposing to strengthen their depth, that is the thing and I think most of this album is feeling a tad downwards.

Sure there are some things hiding here and there like big choir singing, and some other really nice touches throughout the album. There are those little things giving a few positive impressions, usually I tend to get the reflex just to turn off the black metal stuff but not when likstening to this one. Unfortunately most of it is quite generic, and that is why I rate the album as I do, there isn’t enough excitement or exotism for me to muster up a positive feeling for this album. I like it that they use a rarely used language, it would be great if it was more audible. I also like all those little touches that add more depth to the album, I just wish that they would dare to go more outside the box. But perhaps it is hard when you claim that there are no new concept or revolutionary ideas – there aren’t until you come up with them, but if you think that there aren’t you will never have such ideas, so I think it is a matter of attitude there.

In the end I feel that this is a rather mediocre release, and that it probably isn’t worth your while. There are so many more interesting albums released that would be a better choice, but perhaps if the black metal genre is your thing, then you might find this to be an interesting album.