Wömit Angel
Sadopunk Finland

Label: Godz ov War Productions
Three similar bands: Impaled Nazarene/Motörhead/Carpathian Forest

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. Retributator
02. Crushing Suffering
03. Heretic
04. Stürm-Battalion
05. Lured into Red
06. Mouth of Darkness
07. Total Ordeal
08. Warhead Evocation
09. The Grey Mother

J-Violatör - Guitars, Backing Vocals
W. Horepreacher - Vocals, Bass
Atomic Torment - Drums

Sodomatik Rites of I.N.R.I (2012)
Holy Goatse (2014)
Maggotmouth (2015)

Impaling Force of Satan (2017)
Under Sadistic Pressure (2019)

Guest vocals on "Total Ordeal" by Mr. Speed

All songs & lyrics by Wömit Angel except track 9 by L. Maclean Watt
Recorded under a funeral Spring of 2020 at Ravenbay Limbo & WA Cave
Mixed & mastered by W. Horepreacher
Cover art design by J-Violator executed by V. Valli
Layout and graphics by Hex-io

Released 2022-04-22
Reviewed 2022-08-01


godz ov war

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It is fair to say that the Hallowed reviewers never been very impressed by what they have heard from Finnish band Wömit Angel, but that doesn’t stop us from giving their albums new chances. So, what about their latest effort called Sadopunk Finland? I don’t read child raping or whatever stuff they usually write in their press material, and that is a good thing – perhaps some of the childishness is gone – though I don’t recommend listening to closely at the lyrics. The cover of this Sadopunk Finland album isn’t the greatest but considering how previous artworks have looked it isn’t too shabby.

Musically it is simple and aggressive, punkish death metal or something to that effect. Growly vocals, high paced music, but surprisingly melodic – and well produced. Surprisingly good from that aspect. The songs aren’t exactly breaking any new ground though, and quickly I feel more than fed up with what I hear. Perhaps the quality in the songs isn’t there, but it is a step forward compared with what I have written about before because those albums have been quite dismal – this is nearly acceptable.

It is good that they keep the album short, that is always a positive aspect to an album. I don’t really like the vocals, and the songs are too generic to really do anything. And I think that is fine that they have matured at least some in their attempts to be offensive, because those attempts were usually quite bad so there was no meaning to them, at least not as I see it. This is however, less interesting from that aspect so in a way they are better, but also less interesting as they don’t really do anything that makes them stand out on this album. Perhaps there is a different story if you were to read the lyrics, but I don’t usually pay attention to those anyway, and even less so when I cannot really hear what they are singing.

So in the end it is a rather pointless release that doesn’t really do anything for me. A step forwards in most regards, but that doesn’t mean that it is a good or interesting album, Wömit Angel is still not worthy of consideration if you ask me.