Where's My Bible

Label: Scarlet Records
Three similar bands: As The World Dies/Killswitch Engage/Cradle of Filth

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Chapter I: Escape
2. Chapter II: Void
3. Chapter III: Nest
4. Chapter IV: Origin

Jussi Matilainen – Vocals
Toni Hinkkala – Guitar
Pasi Löfgrén – Guitar
Jarno Laakkonen – Bass
Teppo Ristola – Drums

The Beginning (EP 2016)
Mosh 'N' Roll (2018)


Recorded and mixed at Inka Studio, Orimattila, Finland
Mastered at Soundspiral Audio, Koria, Finland
Pasi Löfgrén:Recording, Mixing
Juho Räihä: Mastering
Niko Hiltunen: Cover art

Released 2022-05-13
Reviewed 2022-07-13


inverse records

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A question that springs to mind is why the call themselves Where’s My Bible, isn’t that a rather strange name for a band? It is a Finnish band that was founded in 2014, they released their first EP in 2016 and debut album in 2018. From that we can easily conclude (using the same relationship to facts as most common people these days) that their next album will be released in 2024 as there are two years between the release of an EP and an album, and four years after the album until the next EP. But what about this new EP then? It looks good, it is called Cirlce and all four tracks come as video tracks, and all four of those are embedded in this review for your listening pleasure – if you like.

I read that their music blends rock and punk influences with death/black metal, one way to describe them – a very general way as that can be true for a variety of bands from Wömit Angel to In Flames. I would more describe them as epic, bombastic, melodic black metal combined with metalcore elements – to get some more precise describing, you can of course listen to the tracks yourself and get an even better one. Something that is true in every case, but I read reviews to not need to listen to the albums myself as it takes me far less time to read a full review than listen to one track. And this is quite melodic and bombastic black metal, with typical vocals of black metal and metalcore, and a very strong dynamic production giving the EP a dynamic and very nicely layered soundscape. With only seventeen minutes playing time it is not long enough to be bored with either – though I would always prefer at least 25 minutes of music myself.

I like this one, it is very good in most ways. The songs are all really strong, and there is a hint of hit-potential here as well. The one slight negative I can find is the short playing time, I would have preferred about 17 minutes more to give this a really Epic feel, with four more songs as great as these it would have been something extra. I guess we have to wait until 2024 to hear that new album, but until then I will enjoy this one a few more time as it is certainly one that I will keep. And perhaps I should explore their previous album, I never reviewed it but I probably downloaded it and everything I download is on hard drives somewhere – so perhaps I go for an archaeological dig around my hard drives. And with all that nonsense written; the only conclusion is to check out this great EP.