Label: Metalville
Three similar bands: Nachtgeschrei/In Extremo/Harpyie

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Flammenvogel
2. Stahlhammer
3. Nicht A
4. Nie wieder Met
5. Legenden
6. Gott Gegen Gott
7. Sawney Bean
8. Samael Hilf
9. 1000 Jahre Bier
10. Unsterblich

Jannik Schmidt – vocals, Dull Whistle, Irish Bouzouki, guitars
Alexander Suck – violin
Johanna Heesch – cello
Christopher Plünnecke – bass and backing vocals
Dennis Walkusch – guitars and backing vocals
Dominik Christiansen – drums

Wiegenfest (2010)
Zwölf Schritte zum Strick (2012)
Sturm und Klang (2015)
In Ekstase (2017)
Nachtwache (2019)



Released 2022-09-16
Reviewed 2022-08-06



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Vogelfrey is releasing their sixth album, it is called Titanium and the cover shows a phoenix perhaps breaking out of titanium bounds. Fairly cool cover. They are a German band that released its first album in 2010, so they have been releasing music for little over a decade. This new album is accompanied by an EP that contains some of their more popular songs in acoustic versions, it is an addition in the collector’s box for this album. I would say that it is an interesting curiosity for fans of the band more than it is a necessary addition of the music collector.

It is folk rock/metal in a style that is similar to a few other German bands that I know. If you know bands like Nachtgeschrei, In Extremo, and Harpyie, to name a few, then you can make a good guess on Vogelfrey sound, they are most like the first one of these. The album contains ten tracks of folk/medieval styled rock or metal, the lyrics are in German and the vocalist is more of a folk singer than a heavy metal singer. If you listen to the album and the acoustic songs in on go, it is a bit long, but the album with ten tracks feels quite sensible in playing time, and relatively varied. The German lyrics makes it sound fresh as well, even though they aren’t doing much in terms of original ideas.

I like this album, it is usually quite enjoyable to listen to German folk rockers, this is another example of that. The songs are catchy, good, the German language also makes it stand out a little, there is something to be said about not singing in English.
I especially find the ending track, and the one called Legenden to be the best ones. And on that subject, I can point out that it is hard not to compare with previously mentioned Nachtgeschrei considering that they sing am rande der welt (at the edge of the world) several times in the ending track of the album, that happens to be a title of a Nachtgeschrei album – maybe there is some inspiration there.

Titanium is worth checking out, I think it will have an appealing quality to most music fans. It is an entertaining and great album with many good songs. And this German styled folk rock is as far as I know not an oversaturated bracket either, so there is a small sense of freshness that we don’t always get these days. I like this one, and recommend you check out Titanium, and its accompanying EP that comes as an addition to the collector’s box, perhaps it is worth buying that box.