Path of 1000 Suns

Label: Listenable Insanity Records
Three similar bands: Heavy Feather/Paralyzed/Odysses

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Hello Future
2. Umbilicus
3. Gates Of Neptune
4. I, Human
5. Stump Sponge
6. My Own Tide
7. Life On The Sun
8. The Call
9. Traveler
10. Gathering At The Kuiper Belt

Brian Stephenson - vocals
Taylor Nordberg - guitar
Vernon Blake - bass
Paul Mazurkiewicz - drums



Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Taylor Nordberg at Smoke & Mirrors Productions
Artwork by Taylor Nordberg

Released 2022-09-30
Reviewed 2022-09-03


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Umbilicus holds the path to many suns; they also hold a bath backwards into nostalgia. A band of extreme metalists from the likes of Cannibal Corpse and Deicide have come together to fulfil their dream of making seventies hard rock music. I guess the desire to relive the youth through film or music is very strong within people, so it is perhaps fortunate that countless artists replicate what other have done before. Kind like putting some pink Beatles in a purple zeppelin. But what about this trip down someone’s memory lane?

It is classic hard rock; we have heard it before. Songs are catchy, the singer with that classic rock voice, good singer. It is all familiar, the nostalgic always has appeal, it is kind of hippie in a way – like it looks from the cover art. Nothing particularly new or exciting, but the sound is modern and fresher than it was back when this music started to arrive. They scratch the surface but doesn’t explore anything deeper, it is never an album that has me imagining that I am listening to something I haven’t heard before – not even the first time I hear it.

They keep variation and playing time sensible, perhaps the album is slightly long but nothing that disturbs too much. The songs are good, the album is good. I think it will have a good appeal to many, it presses the right buttons, gives us a good handiwork. Fans of the nostalgic stuff might find this most appealing, especially those of the same age as the band’s members.

In a way this album is meaningless as it offers nothing we haven’t heard already, it doesn’t even offer anything that feels fresh. It is like I have heard it already when I first listen to it. Still, this familiarity appeals to many, and they do what they do really well. I think this album is good, and it will most likely not be a disappointment for anyone that happens to buy it. So, it may be slightly forgettable, but it is an enjoyable album nonetheless.