Label: Eat Lead and Die Music
Three similar bands: Bull Elephant/Monsterworks/My Dying Bride

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Where All Truths Lie
2. Look to the Sea
3. Kiss the Ground
4. I Have Failed You
5. Completely
6. Zero Growth
7. Final Cut

Jonathan Grenville Higgs — Guitar/Vocals
Hugo Wilkinson — Bass
James Knoerl — Drums

Thūn (2021)

Karl Sanders — Lead Guitar

Recording: to each their own
Mixing : Jon
Drum Production: James
Mastering: Damian Herring
Artwork : Son of Brutal Incontinence Design

Released 2022-07-01
Reviewed 2022-09-10

eat lead and die music

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Second album by London based band Thūn, their first was released last year. It looks kind of interesting from the cover, that is why I gave it a shot. It is aptly titled II, the creativity in naming one’s second album that is just mind blowing. It is a band with members from another band called Monsterworks, and they feature Nile guitarist Karl as a guest musician. I also read on the band’s bandcamp site that they want you not to use streaming site and instead support the artists by buying their albums and going to their shows. Dismiss the streamers, I can agree on that as they don’t care about the music one iota, only the money from advertising and subscribers, nothing else matters to them. But to buy the albums they should be good, otherwise there would be no point, would it? So, is it worth buying II?

Doom or death is the name of the game when Thūn is making music, raspy vocals, heavy riffing, slow and massing heavy music – a sense of doom perhaps. The production is good, the sound is good, the creativity isn’t anything to write home about as this is sounds that anyone has heard before. They are not a fresh thinking group of guys; they are at least handy craftsmen and sometimes that can be enough. In this case they have crafted seven tracks that will require about thirty-eight minutes of your time.

I don’t think it is worth spending that time on this album, it is not interesting enough and I actually think that the 38 minutes feels a lot longer. It is not that they make anything bad, it is just a bit dull and not very interesting. A sense of déjà vu in a way. We have heard it done better before. I quickly grow tired of Thūn and their latest offering, and it is almost a relief when I change to something else to listen to after playing through it.

I don’t recommend buying or streaming this album, the price feels too high ever which way. It is not interesting enough to spend time listening to, the songs are not that bad but just not interesting enough to grab my attention. Perhaps fans of the genre itself would be more excited by it, but I doubt that as reviews I read seems to contradict such an idea. So, maybe it would be wiser to check out some other album instead.