The Sun or the Moon

Label: Tonzonen Records
Three similar bands: Pink Floyd/Radiohead/Kraftwerk

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Cosmic
2. Twisted Kamasutra
3. Eldorado
4. Julia Dream
5. Trippin' on Mars
6. Space Travel Agent
7. Quicksand

Frank Incense - Bass, Guitar, Electric Sitar, Baritone Guitar, Modular Synthesizer, Vocals
Susanne Baum - Keyboards
George Nowak - Guitar, Theremin
Niclas Ciriacy - Drums and Percussion


Leon Binder - Saxophone on Quicksand
Markus Weber - Guitar on Eldorado

Recorded, mixed and mastered at AAE studio in Mainz, Germany
Engeniering and mastering by Markus Weber, some additional recordings by tcs-sound
Cover artwork by Bernarda Nibera Conic

Released 2021-09-17
Reviewed 2022-01-06


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Well, you probably shouldn’t look at the sun too much, but it might be that the inspirations are there and that is what the guys of The Sun or the Moon realised and then put together their debut album Cosmic. It is an album with a cool and dreamy artwork that brings to mind Pink Floyd, and on the subject of said band we get to hear the song Julia Dream covered among the seven tracks that make up Cosmic. And it doesn’t just look like a space trip from the cover as the titles seems to go that way as well, so is it a trip worth having?

It goes to space, perhaps space rock is a good way to describe it. There are also influences from psychedelic rock, progressive rock, and krautrock to name a few. I would describe the sound as dreamy, a bit like lounging in space perhaps. Previously mentioned Pink Floyd is a good frame of reference as they seem to be a bit of an inspiration to this quartet. The tracks are seven and they offer good depth, variation and dynamics, they are also quite long with none of the trucks being shorter than seven minutes. The longest track is the ending one called Quicksand, it is eighteen minutes long. But despite a pretty long playing time I would not say that the album feels long, it feels shorter than many albums I review.

It may seem like a slight negative that the best track is the cover track Julia Dream, that is an excellent and well-fitting track for this album, but the tracks written by the band are great too. Tracks like Twisted Kamasutra, Eldorado, Trippin’ on Mars all make strong impressions, and I don’t think the album has any weaknesses worth mentioning. It may lack that extra edge that makes a great album fantastic, but it is not often a debut album is of this calibre, this one isn’t far from it. I find myself quite enjoying listening to Cosmic while driving to wherever I am going, it makes the journey easier.

Cosmic might not fit everyone as the tracks are a bit challenging, and may not be great as background, but it is a rewarding album that I want to recommend. I think it is an album well worth checking out, and it would not be exaggerating to call it a promising debut. And I have to admit that I am a little eager to hear what they will offer in the future because if they build well from the foundation laid with Cosmic they can be really exciting in the future. Until that future come it will be a great choice to enjoy Cosmic every now and then.