Robin Trower
No More Worlds to Conquer

Label: Provogue Records/Mascot Label Group
Three similar bands: Gary Moore/Procol Harum/Jethro Tull

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Ball of Fire
2. No More Worlds to Conquer
3. Deadly Kiss
4. Birdsong
5. Losing You
6. Waiting for the Rain to Fall
7. Wither on the Vine
8. Cloud Across the Sun
9. Fire to Ashes
10. The Razor’s Edge
11. I Will Always be Your Shelter

Robin Trower - guitar, bass
Chris Taggart - drums
Paddy Milner - organ
Richard Watts - vocals
Livingstone Brown - bass

1973 Twice Removed from Yesterday
1974 Bridge of Sighs
1975 For Earth Below
1976 Long Misty Days
1977 In City Dreams
1978 Caravan to Midnight
1980 Victims of the Fury
1983 Back It Up
1985 Beyond the Mist
1987 Passion
1988 Take What You Need
1990 In the Line of Fire
1994 20th Century Blues
1997 Someday Blues
2000 Go My Way
2003 Living Out of Time
2005 Another Days Blues
2009 What Lies Beneath
2010 The Playful Heart
2013 Roots and Branches
2014 Something's About To Change
2016 Where You Are Going To
2017 Time and Emotion
2019 Coming Closer to the Day
2020 United State of Mind


Recorded at Studio 91 & The Boogie Lab
Recorded by Sam Winfield
Recorded and Mixed by Livingstone Brown
Artwork by Robin Trower

Released 2022-04-29
Reviewed 2022-06-04


mascot label group

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Robin Trower has no more worlds to conquer, perhaps that comes with a long life in music and countless album, first with progressive rocker Procol Harum and then under his own moniker. He is a guy that is said to have inspired many great guitarists, and that is probably true to some extent. I must admit that I didn’t know much about Trower before this album made its way into my playlists, and I didn’t select it because of its artwork that I don’t find too brilliant, but not terrible either. I wonder what you do when there is nothing more to conquer, I guess you cannot ask the Russian president for the answer, or any other conqueror for that matter.

Blues rock is what it is on offer, soulful guitar playing goes through the entire album that shows decent variation and depth. Singer Watts is pretty good too, and the album has a nice emotional tone throughout. The songs are mostly a little slower, there aren’t any really fast songs, so the radio friendly hit songs might be somewhat absent here. The feel of the guitars is fresh and good, the album itself doesn’t offer anything particularly original though. And I would say that the 44-minute playing time is a little on the long side thanks to the album being mostly slow in tempo, a bit more dynamic in that regard would have done wonders.

I miss a faster, more sing-along friendly or just up-tempo song. I think the album feels a bit too slow, and even with excellent guitar playing and vocals I find it difficult to focus on the album. The songs aren’t captivating enough for me to really want to listen, and I find my mind wandering a bit to other domains, that doesn’t make the album bad or anything – just not brilliant. Trower is certainly a brilliant guitarist, I just would have liked him to make a more diverse album, up the tempo from time to time.

If you like blues rock you will most likely enjoy this one as it is a well-made and excellent performed album showcasing the bluesy abilities of a great guitarist. It may not be quite up my alley, I like it faster or more complex, this is more of background album to relax or rest and that is something I rarely do so I doubt Trower will be played much more now that I have written about his new album. Still, I cannot help being impressed by the way he manages to get his guitar to speak, very few guitarists can make their instrument that expressive.