The Loyal Cheaters
Long Run... All Dead

Label: Dead Beat Records
Three similar bands: Cheap Trick/Runaways/Slade

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. Winners Never Compromise
02. The Devil Side
03. Me Myself & I
04. Big Time Outlaw
05. Lock Up Your Daughters
06. No Saturday Nites
07. Money And Shame
08. Drama Queen
09. Surrender
10. (Why Should I) Share My Wine

Lena McFrison - Vocals, guitar
Max Colliva - Guitar, backing vocals
Tommy Manni - Bass, backing vocals
Richie Raggini - Drums


Luke Raw Power, Tezio, Artibani, Leopardi Degli Angeli - additional vocals
Manu Luzzi - keyboards

Recorded in at Woodoo Sound Labs Studio
Produced by The Loyal Cheaters

Released 2022-02-18
Reviewed 2022-06-19


dead beat records

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A quartet of cheaters conclude that in the longer run we are all dead, a correct conclusion. We, our culture, perhaps our race, all will be dead in the long run. Still, that doesn’t prevent us from doing some culture, and other things while we are alive. This Italian band release a debut album that looks very much like something from the seventies – and that style is a strong inspiration for them as well.

They sound like classic rockers from the seventies and early eighties, I think of the likes of Cheap Trick, a band they cover on this album. It is hard rock, simple and straightforward. Not anything brilliant or forward-thinking when it comes to the sound and production, they are looking mostly rearwards in their style. They do it with simple and catchy songs, songs for a drive or noise creation, inoffensive and easy to like. Not overly much variation, but as they keep playing time short it is not a problem. I like the energy of the female vocalist, nothing they do is spectacular, but they do it with energy and commitment.

I think this is a good album, not fantastic or amazing, but good and entertaining. It certainly works, and it is almost impossible to dislike. Of course, they will probably not make any major impact on the world of music, but they do what they do well and that is probably more than enough for many. I am not so sure whether you should buy the album or not, but if you do I don’t think you can be too disappointed as they master their craft very well – perhaps unfortunately for them that craft isn’t to make timeless classics.

Worth giving a chance? Yes, probably, you may not find your new favourite album, but chances that you should hate it are slim to none. Perhaps they are a bit cautious, maybe they should have dared a little more – nevertheless, Long Run… All Dead is a fun and entertaining album… that will be completely forgotten in the longer run.