Illum Adora
Miasma of a Damned Soul

Label: Folter Records
Three similar bands: Rotting Christ/Zemial/Necromantia

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. May The Winds Of Northern Storm Embrace My Blackened Heart
02. Κέρβερος
03. Miasma Of A Damned Soul
04. Sleeping Under Tartarus (Zemial Cover)
05. Ancient Nekromanteion

Hurricane Hellfukker - Vocals
Mortüüm - Drums/Percussion
Jörmundgand - Bass
Kommando Werewolf - Guitars
Nazxül - Guitars
Häxa - Keyboards

Son of Dawn (EP 2016)
.​.​.​of Serpentine Forces (2019)
Infernum et Necromantium (EP 2020)
Ophidian Kult (2021)



Released 2022-01-28
Reviewed 2022-05-28

folter records

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How is the miasma of a damned soul? I am not sure that Illum Adora has the answer. The German band that adores him is a quite diligent group having released three EPs and two albums since the debut in 2016, this is the third EP. The cover looks funny, and pretty contemporary considering the situation in the world. They describe their style as non serviam black metal, I wonder if their dream is to be signed to Non Serviam Records – I don’t see how that description fit the band’s actual style, I think their music is serviant.

Stylewise I read that bands like Rotting Christ of very old is an inspiration, as is The Greek, the former is obvious. The singer is the typical croaky blackish metal singer, the style is also black metal – nothing that stands out much. That personal non serviam touch is someplace else. The production and sound is quite black metallish but perhaps a bit more nuanced than most of their genre peers, the different sounds are more clear here than in most black metal that I hear. The variation isn’t much though and 23 minutes is well enough when it comes to the playing time – listening to this EP I would say that an album by these guys would seem quite eternal.

I have heard worse black metal, and I have heard better. This is probably around the average mark of this genre – a genre that doesn’t offer much freshness ever, and this is no exception to that. The songs aren’t special, and while I can listen to it, I am also quickly bored with it. I don’t see what a casual listener would find in this album, it doesn’t have standout songs or great atmospheres – it is at best a decent black metal offering.

It could work for some, those that are into the black metal stuff might find it amusing enough to merit a chance. For the more casual listener it is probably not worth the time or effort to go for this album. I think it feels a little tired, lacking in imagination and dynamics, a bit boring plain and simple. I guess you need to be initiated into the black metal circles to be amused by this.