Desert Clouds

Label: Mandrone Records
Three similar bands: Tool/Black Sites/Kyuss

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Planexit
2. Mamarse
3. Wheelchair
4. Staring at the Midnight Sun
5. Willow
6. Deceivers
7. Revolutionary Lies
8. Pearl Marmalade
9. Speed of Shadow


The Floating Oar (2015)
Time Distortions (EP 2017)
Nothing beyond the Cage (2019)


Mastered By James Plotkin
Mixed By Dave Holmes

Released 2022-03-25
Reviewed 2022-04-30


mandrone records

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The artwork for this album is really cool, and you have to like the Planexit title. It refers to Brexit of course, and a planexit might be a good thing to do, it would clearly be way better to be alone on a space base somewhere rather than being on this planet populated by so many useless souls. Maybe that is what the British band thinks as well when they create their adventure centred around a nameless man who is trying to escape an overwhelming situation. Kind of like life in general perhaps, but the real question is whether it is a good escape or not.

It is stoner rock with psychedelic stuff, not really that different from many other bands withing the same frame of style. I find the album being a little bit predictable, the heavy riffs are familiar, the powerful raw sound as well, and so are the psychedelic parts that are present on the album, and the gruff styled vocals – it feels familiar from the big names within stoner rock lore. There are no surprises when Planexit goes on, it is the expected songs, and that makes 46 minutes seem like an eternity – this feels like a really long album where nothing really happens.

Sure, this isn’t really a bad album in any regard, the songs are well-crafted and they clearly knows their craft in most regards. It is just that the songs are pretty boring, I am never inclined to just listen, or care about what I am listening to, and that is not a sign of a good album but rather the opposite. When I write and listen I find it difficult to describe the style of music as I am constantly finding my attention wandering elsewhere, to a videogame, or some mod I want to do for game, or if I should clean up a little, charge the camera battery, fix the taxes, something, everything but the album. That is never a sign of a great album, a great album has you only thinking of that and forgetting all those other things, all of a sudden an hour has passed an you are immersed in the album – this never happens with Planexit.

I would not recommend this album, it is too dull and too generic. A boring album plain and simple, note that I am not saying bad as it probably isn’t, it just isn’t interesting enough for me to really listen. There are so many better choices within the stoner genre so I fail to see why you should want to listen to one of the duller albums the genre has to offer.