Dayglo Abortions
Hate Speech

Label: Unrest
Thre similar bands: Citizen Rage/Cancer Bats/Comeback Kid

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. White People
2. Kill Kill Kill
3. God is Love
4. Smart Food
5. Sacks of Meat
6. Sociopath
7. What's For Breakfast
8. World of Hate
9. Raised on Chest Milk
10. Calling all People

Murray (The cretin) Acton - guitar, lead vocs
Matt Fiorito - guitar, backup vocals
Blind Marc - Drums. Mike Jak - guitar
Scott Henderson - bass guitar
Rob Lawless - Drums on smart food
Matt Jak & Carmen Jak - backup vocals
Terry Paholek - fact checking & debunking

Out of the Womb (1981)
Feed Us a Fetus (1986)
Here Today, Guano Tomorrow (1988)
Two Dogs Fucking (1991)
Little Man in the Canoe (1995)
Corporate Whores (1996)
Death Race 2000 (1999)
Holy Shiite (2004)
Armageddon Survival Guide (2016)


Recorded at the Physics Lab in Edmonton AB
Recorded by Rob Lawless and Terry Paholek mixed by Terry Paholek and Rob lawless, mastered by Terry Paholek, Produced by The Dayglo Abortions and Rob Lawless

Released 2022
Reviewed 2022-06-26


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Did you know that Dayglo Abortion was founded just a few years after the American women were legally granted the right to make abortions in the whole country, and now it seems like they could carry on longer than American women was granted the right to control their own body. Crazy. The recent decision from US supreme court to ovethrow that decision is a worse and less understandable decision than Russia’s decision to invade Ukraine. Only someone who doesn’t care about biology, the survival of the planet, and a person’s right to her own body can make such a stupid decision. We live in crazy times, so punkers that point the finger at the power, and the powerful are very much needed.

This band is doing hardcore infused punk rock with high energy and aggression, they do it with confidence – and some funny lyrics. White People that begins it all sets a good tone and the album then keeps going with strong and funny punk rock all the way through. It is of course simple and straightforward, the attitude is more important than the finesse, the sense of DIY that good punkrockers should have is there. The production is simple, cheap, punkish, kind of like a political demonstration in music form. But you don’t really need to care for the band’s standpoints to enjoy it, as the attitude is the main thing, the anger, you have to admire that they can keep it alive for such a long time.

This is an amusing album, a funny one. It may not be a timeless classic or anything like that, but it is a good and strong statement from a band that has been making such statements for quite a while now. It is an album worth checking out, if they release it in its entirety some time, but you can check the bandcamp link to listen to all songs and check out the lyrics. Especially those of you into punk should do that, but this can have a fairly wide appeal. The band name had me a bit sidetracked with the recent American stupidity, but hopefully a punk rocker wouldn’t object to politicising the music – after all they might be singing their standpoints longer than many American women was allowed to make the decisions about their own bodies.