Coathanger Abortion
Plan C

Label: Comatose Music
Three similar bands: Cannibal Corpse/Severe Torture/Broken Hope

Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
11. What Lies Underneath
2. Corpsewood
3. Dead Walking
4. Dissecting Society
5. Millville Madness
6. Randomly Butchered
7. Silent Screams
8. Cannibal Crave

Robby Wooten - Vocals
Ryan Coulter - Guitar / Studio Bass
Ethan Frazier - Guitar
Scott McMasters - Drums

Dying Breed (2009)
Observations of Humanity (2015)



Released 2022-10-21
Reviewed 2022-12-29

comatose music

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Guess the name of this band is pretty apt these days considering how the Americans are in the question of abortion, something that should be a non-issue in reality. This band is American as well, I don’t really think abortion would even make anything take notice in most of Europe. They also go for the blood and gore, considering that they are from a fundamentalist religious part of the world it is easy to see the appeal in that – for us more civilised it doesn’t do anything other than invoke a sense of silliness or something akin to that. It is their third album, and I certainly wouldn’t buy it for its looks – but is it anything to have despite that?

Not really. Classic death metal, I think it is Kermit of the Muppets singing, but he goes under an Alias of Robby Wooten (can’t be a real name, can it?) so I may be wrong there, but it certainly sounds like it is a frog singing, or making vocal sounds is probably more accurate. Even though I read extremely fast, I just can’t read about Crust of sickness and suffering, blood and gore, devilish and bone-breaking heaviness, the press text is really as ridiculous as this album – and that means one of the most ridiculous I have ever heard or read. I think that even the Swedish government and Donald Trump has less ridiculous communication – and they are probably the stupidest people known to exist. Did they try to be silly. If they went for heavy, they failed, smattering drums of course, froggy growls, and slow, heavy riffing is their thing.

Sure, the production is actually better than much of the basement/coal cellar productions that I have heard in this genre. But the songs are so dull, so poorly written that I just want to shut off even before the first song’s seven minutes are up. This is just a meaningless piece of drivel, boring, uninteresting, lame; I have heard lame ducks with more energy and aggression than this one. Death metal is all about attitude, energy and power, this album has none of that. It is boring to listen to, and impossible to write anything worthwhile about – my advice to you is to avoid this one.

I have to wonder if it is creating coma that is the selection criteria for the Comatose Music label, I know I grew increasingly unconscious when listening to this album – I even ended up in a coma for a while, hence the strange ending of the Swedish review. For this English I decided to just write and not listen again, and I got to the end concluding that this is an album for no one, it is best not to listen to it.