Cerebral Mist
Age of Mist

Label: Inverse Records
Three similar bands: Deamonstealer/Abbath/Dark Tranquility

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. New Age
2. Broken Winged Statue
3. Through the Storm
4. Skeleton Grin
5. The Cubicle
6. The Alchemist

Antti Parviainen - Guitars
Antti Argillander - Vocals
Erno Venäläinen - Bass
Erno Sallinen - Drums, synthesizers, programming
Anni Kokkonen - Backing vocals



Erno Sallinen - Production, arrangement, recording, editing
Joona Muistola - Reamping, mixing, mastering
Elmo Kröger - Vocal recording
Sinni Jensen - Cover art

Released 2022-03-31
Reviewed 2022-05-14

inverse records

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Age of Mist is an EP that is released to celebrate the memory of a friend. Founding member of Cerebral Mist Antti Parviainen passed about four years ago, way too early at the age of 32. He left six demo tracks that have now been moulded into this EP, they are essentially the same tracks as he wrote and the guitarwork is only changed where it is absolutely necessary. It is the remaining members of the band, friends of Parviainen since youth, with vocalist Antti Argillander that have brought these songs to life.

It is melodic death metal with plenty of space for the keys, but Parviainens guitars sounds fine as well. Argillander has a fairly typical style for the modern melodic death metal with clean and growly vocals, he sings really well. The production is modern and strong too, it is relatively varied and short. It sounds like an album with a positive outlook on things, perhaps it is Parviainen’s positive spirit or the joy of giving his songs life that brought on this atmosphere in the songs. I would say that it is a strong release, and you don’t really notice the challenge it must have been to make the songs around the demo recordings by Parviainen.

It is six good tracks, and they play for 24 minutes. I especially like the opening track, it is such a great melodic death metal tracks, one that I can listen to many times over. The other tracks are fine but not of the same calibre, but good enough to be enjoyable to listen to, and I think that fans of the modern melodic death metal will find this quite enjoyable. It would be great if the band would keep going after this one, they clearly have the capacity to make great songs and could keep the spirit of their late guitarist going for a long time.

I usually find info on band members that has passed and such as something of a hurdle when writing a review as you don’t really want to write anything negative about those that have passed. Fortunately with Cerebral Mist there is no real need to think negative as the EP is quite good, excellent in the beginning even. It is obvious that Parviainen had a lot to offer, his songs are good, and his guitars brighten the spirit of this fine EP – a good legacy. I find Age of Mist to be a good EP with a magical beginning, obviously worth checking out.