Beth Blade & The Beautiful Disasters
Mythos, Confession, Tragedies, And Love

Label: Beautiful Disaster Records
Three similar bands: Halestorm/The Amorettes/Kiss

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. The Otherside
2. Sin Eater
3. Tonight I’m With You
4. Who You Are
5. Hold Your Heart
6. Undo Me
7. Persephone
8. Ozymandias
9. Sacrifice
10. Trigger Warning
11. Still Not Asking For It
12. I Never Knew (Bonus Track)
13. New York Time (Bonus Track)

Beth Blade - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Luke Gilmore - Lead Guitar
Dan Rowe - bass
Sam Brain - drums

Bad Habit (2017)
Show Me Your Teeth (2019)


Recorded at Rockfield Studios with producer Nick Brine

Released 2022-07-08
Reviewed 2022-06-11


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Beth and her beautiful disasters return with a new album, this one with a cover that is quite different from the previous album. This one has a more fantasy look, but is it any different in terms of style? I suppose it must be, at least to be interesting as the previous album was received with a pretty neutral impression, so how about this one?

It isn’t that different from the previous, female fronted rock or hard rock, Beth sings in the same way as the previous album. The style is the same accessible simple rock, you can compare them to a myriad of bands if you like to as they don’t offer anything special or original. The variation of songs is typical of the genre as well, and the production is average.

Not much about this album feel interesting or exciting, it is just one more of these albums, another quite uninteresting and average release. I was a little bored when listening to and writing about Show Me Your Teeth, but this is worse. This isn’t bad, but it contains nothing interesting, none of the songs are really good, and nothing about it seems to be a product of a will to make great music. I wonder if they are famous enough to get away with an album so without soul as this one.

You probably like this if you like the previous album, otherwise I find it doubtful that you will have any interest in this uninteresting slab of generic rock music. But sure, it isn’t a bad album, I give them that, but the question is if that really is a good sales argument.