Everything You Hate

Label: Rebellion Records
Three similar bands: Combat 84/Lost Legion/Angry Agenda

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Rebels Without a Clue
2. I Am War
3. 1982
4. Small Circles
5. Raising Cain
6. 6/6/44
8. Pals
9. Homegrown Hate
10. Do You Know Stanley?
11. Unfriend
12. Everything You Hate
13. Aggro

Trav - vocals
Max - bass
Key - guitar
Daz - drums

Saturdays Soldiers (EP 2015)
Sons Of Tigers (2017)



Released 2021-10-09
Reviewed 2022-05-28

rebellion records

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This squadron have apparently reach cult status in their native UK and other places, they were formed in 2015 and have released one album and one EP before this one. Impressive to reach cult status that fast, but I wonder if it isn’t an exaggeration, labels have a tendency to exaggerate the greatness of their bands much to the disappointment of those eventually buying the albums. But if you look at bad covers I think they do quite well because their cover is really ugly, but that is probably a conscious choice.

It is a working class feel to this album, the neglected class of workers bound to be increasingly abused by the richer classes, the once who owns things and don’t really need to work for a living. Isn’t it a bit screwed up that the ones who work to maintain society pay more taxes than those who earn their money from interest, property or other investments? If you don’t think so you are probably not in the targeted audience for this kind of music, Oi, it is usually called. I like the accent of the vocalist, I don’t like his way of singing though. The music is simple, and it is aggressive, almost unmelodic. I tend to think of Bill Bailey’s and his greatest cockney rock album, in a way it sounds like that.

Everything You Hate seems to have many songs about silliness like war and hatred, both typical alpha male things that should be irradicated from the world. These songs aren’t that great, the first two-three I can enjoy, but from their it rapidly goes downhill, in the end it is hard not to think that this album is quite poor. In a way it sounds like they don’t really want to make good music, they play something and add the worst imaginable vocals to it (or almost the worst anyway). The one finny thing I see is the accent of the singer, besides that there is nothing to cheer you up. Just a dreary collection of songs that sounds almost the same.

I don’t see how anyone would think of these guys as cult, at least not from a musical standpoint. What they do is quite forgettable, it is not very skilled, and not at all creative. Anyone could have done it, I doubt it requires any kind of skill to make an album like this one. But perhaps that is what they were going for, a DIY or punk rock statement, unfortunately they fail.