Worship the Degenerate

Label: Shaytan Productions
Three similar bands: Melechesh/Odious/Arabia

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Protector Of The Herd
2. Worship The Degenerate
3. Guerillas
4. Sun Of Liberation
5. Eclipse
6. Free Will

Mephisto - Guitars, Bass, Percussion
Artiya'il - Vocals

Atba'a Al-Namrood (EP 2008)
Narcotized (Split 2008)
Astfhl Al Tha'r (2009)
Estorat Taghoot (2010)
Kitab Al Awthan (2012)
Jaish AlNamrood (EP 2013)
Heen Yadhar Al Ghasq (2014)
Diaji Al Joor (2015)
Enkar (2017)
Wala'at (2020)


The album was recorded in an unknown location in the Middle East

Released 2022-04-29
Reviewed 2022-04-17

shaytan productions

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One tends to take notice when reading that the members of Saudi Arabian band Al-Namrood risk death sentence for violating Saudi Arabian heresy laws or something similar. The whole concept of that in itself is silly, but some primitive nations like Saudi Arabia have many stupid law, and it becomes even more stupid when religion is the base of law-making. Still, considering that since 2008 when this band begun they have managed to produce eight albums and several other releases like EPs and splits. They have done so at secret locations in the middle east; somehow I doubt that with a death threat you manage to sneak out new albums at the same pace as any Swedish or Belgian band. How do you do that and still manage to keep recordings and identities a secret? The risk of judgement is probably a bit exaggerated, but there is probably still a rather big risk for them even if they are somewhere in exile.

Musically it is familiar to anyone already into the music of Al-Namrood, it is black metal with oriental touches. Quite fresh sounding, with very aggressive vocals, and a really powerful sound. Strong production, it is an album with a modern and fresh sound, there are a few but not too many similar bands to Al-Namrood. It is a short album that still has room for quiet parts, it is dynamic. It does not offer much that feels overly new though, it sounds much like the previous albums – for better or worse. The English titles is a thing that is different though, but considering the aggression of the vocals it is doubtful that you would hear if they sing in Arabic or English anyway.

I think Worship the Degenerate is a good album, the songs are good, the melodies are strong and so on. What I am missing for that extra edge that sets the best apart from the rest is a distinct and impressive hit song. There is much impressive with this album anyway, but the sword isn’t sharp enough for that highest level of excellence. But it will probably annoy some of the religious nuts, and perhaps it will make god shed a few tears – and what else is metal about?

It is an album worth giving a spin or two in the record player, especially if you are already a fan of Al-Namrood. If you like what they have done before you will like this one as well, but even if you don’t know them it could be worth listening to their latest effort. Worship the Degenerate is a fine and solid black metal effort – it is probably worth a try.