Adrian Weiss
Dangerous Discipline

Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Thought Sphere/Forces at Work/Marty Friedman
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Dangerous Discipline
2. Hand Me My Brass
3. Night Flight To The Sun
4. Straight By The Crook
5. Withdrawn Into The Dimness
6. Face Melting Phenomenon
7. Anger Management
8. Sunny Beach Party
9. The Grand Illusion
10. More Is More

Sabir Salkic - drums
Marcel Willnat - bass
Adrian Weiss - Lead-/ Rhythm Guitars

Big Time (2012)
Easy Game (2014)

Criminal Record (2016)

Nick Johnston
Yasi Hofer
Martin Miller
Dee Dammers
Alexandra Zerner
Benjamin Schippritt
Justin Hombach
Fabian Ratsak
Patrick Sperling
Thorsten Praest

Mixing/ Mastering: Tim Schulte
Artwork: Björn Goosses/ Killustrations

Released 2022-10-01
Reviewed 2022-10-15


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It has been a half dozen years since last time we saw an album by Adrian Weiss, not an album he has been part of though as he has done quite a few things since that previous effort Criminal Record. Dangerous Discipline is the new one, and the cover is nice in its simplicity. The music is said to be more towards metal than the predecessor, the guest list is impressive. And I have played this one quite a bit longer than usual in my car stereo as I haven’t really had time to put pen to paper and write about it until now.

The style is familiar from his earlier works, but with a heavier touch, more metal. It is a very dynamic album with an easy-flowing progression through the songs, the production is also very good. I would say that it is an album that feels very well thought out, probably the best work by Adrian Weiss from the purely creative standpoint. I think it is more relaxed, but Weiss also takes more musical liberties than he did with his previous albums. The playing time is also sensible, but you can just let the album go on repeat for a long time if you like.

I would claim that this is the best album so far by Adrian Weiss, not miles ahead of Criminal Record, but ahead nonetheless. The dynamics added by the many guests adds a lot of dynamics and spiciness that I like. It is a very enjoyable album to listen to, alla the songs are good and has a great feel to them, and there is nothing to dislike. Perhaps the longer break between the solo album gave some time to reflect and perfect the craft. I think Adrian Weiss with this album gives and impressive showcase of himself both as a musician and a songwriter.

This one is well worth checking out, and to listen to. Weiss is one of about a handful of musicians that I have found who makes great instrumental music, most of the time that genre feels a bit more like background music than anything else, but Criminal Record is way more than background, and so is its predecessor. I would say that if you like rock and metal music it would be a good choice to give Dangerous Discipline a chance.