Tales of Madness

Label: Transcending Obscurity Records
Three similar bands: Entombed/Dismember/Grave

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Tales From The Dark Side
2. Brutal Mights
3. Unholy Madness
4. The Grave
5. Lavatory Suicide Remains
6. Save Your Last Breath To Scream
7. Tales Of Madness
8. The Fleshly Existence Of Man

Håkan Stuvemark - Guitars, Vocals
Jonny Pettersson - Vocals, Guitars
Jon Rudin- Drums
Thomas von Wachenfeldt - Guitars
Matt Davidson - Bass

Several Shapes (EP 1992)
Internal Caustic Torments (1993)
Lavatory (EP 1994)
Downfall Rising (2015)
The Great Desolation (2018)
Choirs of the Fallen (2020)
Tales of Madness (2020)


Artwork by SV Bell

Released 2020-12-18
Reviewed 2021-02-04

transcending obscurity records

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Wombbath is a Swedish band that has been around for quite a while now, this album is released to celebrate thirty years for them. It is and album containing eight tracks where a pair are new, one is the first song they wrote, and there are some remade tracks, all in all the encompass different eras of their three-decade career on this album. It is tracks from different eras, but the production is such that it is album with a coherent sound, almost like any new album. The cover is typical death meta, if you know your metal you will know how this sounds by looking at the artwork.

Classic Swedish death metal style, raw, brutal, simple, rough with pretty typical underground death metal style vocals. There is surprisingly little variation over the eight tracks, it is almost like they were made for this album. But that is probably the nature of the genre, there isn’t too much variation even between albums or bands in the genre, and bands usually sound the same through the ages. I guess that familiarity is one of the things that appeals to the fans of the genre and its bands.

In a way this timeless underground death metal is quite appealing, but you grow tired of it pretty quickly. I think Wombbath does okay and puts together an album that pushes the right buttons for the genre. If you like the similar bands or the Swedish style of underground death metal, it is an album that you will find worth looking closer at. I might not be too impressed but can see the appeal even though I prefer fresh ideas, more melodies, and more imaginative music than what Wombbath has to offer.

Are you a death metaller? If you are you should check out this album, it should press the right buttons for you. For the general audience I am not sure there is any real appeal here, it is pretty typical death metal, and I doubt that it is a genre that have much appeal to a wider audience. There is also that argument that there are many better choices withing the genre, that doesn’t quite strengthen the case for Wombbath. This is a good album for the fans of the band and not much else.