Wine Guardian

Label: Logic il Logic Records/Burning Minds Group
Three similar bands: Queensrÿche/Savatage/Fates Warning

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. Chemical Indulgence
02. Little Boy
03. Magus
04. Digital Dharma
05. The Luminous Whale
06. The Astounding Journey
07. 1935

Lorenzo Parigi - Lead Vocals & Guitar
Stefano Capitani - Bass & Backing Vocals
Davide Sgarbi - Drums & Backing Vocals

Fool's Paradise (EP 2014)
Onirica (2017)


Recorded, mixed & mastered by Andrea Seveso, at Ivorytears Music Works studio (Somma Lombardo - Italy)
Vocals recorded, arranged & produced by Davide “Dave Rox” Barbieri

Released 2021-05-28
Reviewed 2021-06-09


burning minds

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Timescape isn’t the most imaginative of titles I have seen, there are books, films, Star Trek-episodes and more with that name. These Italians that guard wine thinks that it is a clever name, don’t really know if I like the cover, but music is what matters. They are described as progressive and have made one album and one EP before this one, the debut album arrived in 2017 so this Timescape is their second one. It is described as more modern progressive, more comparable to Opeth than the likes of Queensrÿche or Savatage as they tend to be compared to as well.

It is modern progressive rock, pretty slow moving, fairly complex, quite melodic, really well produced, not very varied. I think it lacks depth and originality; the ideas aren’t fresh. I don’t think that they are particularly progressive despite being described that way, it is also an album that lacks depth through the seven songs. I think it is a pretty long album despite only having seven tracks, perhaps it is the lack of tempo or dynamics that makes it seem that long.

There are some interesting touches here and there, but it isn’t really an album that offers great songs or anything really fresh. It isn’t really that shabby, but it doesn’t really offer anything amazing or exciting. I think progressive music should be exciting, amazing, dramatic, this isn’t. It will just be flushed away in the waves of times, flowing around with the mainstreams of music and in the end it will be lost in the vastness of the oceans of indifference. Like so many other progressive bands they aren’t particularly progressive, just needlessly dull.

I don’t really see why anyone would find this one particularly exciting, it isn’t exciting or dramatic enough to merit anyone’s full attention. Maybe they got bored from guarding the wine or drank the wine and therefore didn’t quite manage to figure everything out, sadly it left me a bit bored and I think that progressive fans have better albums to choose from.