Walk the Walk

Label: AOR Heaven
Three similar bands: Danger Danger/Slaughter/Winger

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Heaven’s On It’s Way Down
2. Running From You
3. Are You there
4. Two Miles To Go
5. Find The Light
6. Fight On Your Feet
7. Get Busy Livin
8. Move On
9. Never Been To California
10. Getaway

J. Adler - vocals
Paul Alfery - guitar, keyboards, bass, drums



Produced by Paul Alfery and J. Adler
Mixed by Paul Alfery and mastered by Ty Sims at the Recovery Room in Conway, AR

Released 2021-01-29
Reviewed 2021-01-08


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The duo that calls itself Walk the Walks certainly talks the talk, but can you say that that they walk the walk? That is certainly one question for the reviewer taking on this debut album by the experienced duo of men that have walked with many well-known musicians in the past. It is a self-titled release with a pretty good artwork, so another question is if the music is as good as the cover.

It is far less exciting than the cover, quite regular hardrock of the glam or sleaze variety. You could compare it with bands like Danger Danger and bands similar to them, it is not exactly original. The fresh ideas are quite absent, and the production is perhaps not the greatest you could expect, but I guess it is probably decent enough. As are the vocals, the songs themselves offer no surprises or fresh ideas – the nostalgic might get what they want, but probably not those looking for the fresher ideas. There are ten tracks and the variation quite minimal over those tracks, I guess it is good that they keep it short.

Mediocre is the word I come to think of when I try to put what I think about this album into words, no more words needed. Those enjoying the nostalgic stuff might find it appealing, but I doubt it is an album that will go down too well in the wider circles of the music community. The songs are quite drab, I thought they were a bit fun and energetic to begin with but grew bored pretty quickly. I can’t really see that this album will fly with anyone, I think the cover looks great and it is just too bad that the music was far less brilliant.

I wouldn’t recommend this one, possibly if you like the similar bands counted, but I am not sure even then. It is one of those albums where you question why, why spend the time to make and why spend the time to listen to it. It is a mediocre release that will please no one, or maybe that is a bit hard as there are always some that enjoys whatever is on offer.