The Great Acceleration

Label: Indisciplinarian
Three similar bands: Konvent/Alkymist/Triptykon

Rating: HHHHHHH (6/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Relentless Alteration
2. Terminal Dispatch
3. Invention of the Shipwreck
4. Estranged Reflection
5. Dromocracy

Emil Hansen - Vocals, guitars
Morten R. Bruun - Guitars
Kalle Tiihonen - Bass
Frederik Amris - Drums

Abandon All Liberties (EP 2019)


Recorded and produced by Lasse Ballade at Ballade Studios in Copenhage
Mastered by V. Santura at Woodshed Studio in Germany
Artwork Ryan T. Hancock

Released 2021-05-07
Reviewed 2021-04-30



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What an attractive cover, was what I thought when I received this one in my mail some time ago. It is a story about speed and how history moves forward in an ever-increasing acceleration, guided by the teachings of dromology that is a theory of speed originated by French philosopher Paul Virilio (1932-2018). Inspired by those teachings they create their own sci-fi story about a world in crisis and a planet in collapse being abandoned in favour of colonization of space, so there are plenty of exciting aspects to this album. The album that happens to be the debut of this band, debut album that is as they have released an EP in 2019 as well. Some might call this album an EP as it contains only five tracks and plays for around 35 minutes.

Onwards at high-speed accelerating quickly from stationary to near infinite velocity could be a way to describe the style, hyperthrash is their own way. It is high speed thrash metal of technical style that reminds of the late eighties but with a fresher tone that they spice up with some blastbeats and grandiose progressive rock vibes, everything delivered at warp speed. The growly vocals are aggressive and actually quite good for vocals of that variety, something that isn’t very common. They have a fresh sound, the style is pretty exciting and feels like it gives a sense of novelty, and that isn’t particularly common either. The hyperthrash of Terminalist is something that stands out being dramatic and creatively very interesting.

With a great cover art and equally great music it is a great album to add to any sensible record collection, I think that it is a terrific album, impressive would be another way of describing it. The five tracks are good, and Terminalist shows their excellence from the first to the last hyperfast thrash metal tones. The quality is just excellent, and this is one of the most interesting albums I have heard in recent times, it is dramatic, aggressive, and catchy, just about anything you would like from a new album. And it is a space adventure as well, how much more exciting can things get? Not much, is the answer to that. It is so refreshing to listen to an album from a band that actually dares to think outside the box – a good change compared with all those cowards who just plays it safe and goes down the tried and tested routes.

Super album that is worth checking out, I don’t really see any weakness here with five excellent tracks and a delivery at warp speed. One of the most attractive albums of the year, and certainly a prime candidate to one of the top albums of 2021. An album that everyone with a sensible taste in music should have a closer look at, it accelerates into your mind and then stays there. I don’t think you should miss this one, perhaps you should catch it before it accelerates away into starbright brilliance.