Label: Pride & Joy Music
Three similar bands: Europe/H.e.a.t./Art Nation

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Once And For All
2. All About Us
3. Toxic
4. Live And Die
5. Fool For Love
6. Religion
7. Falling Down
8. Hold On To You
9. Better Believe It
10. All I Need
11. Alive

Andi Sarandopoulos – guitar
Henrik Remesaho – drums
Jacob Petäjämaa – lead vocals
Alex Zackrisson – guitar
Tony Bakirciouglu – bass

Nowhere To Run (EP 2018)

Patrik Törnblom – keyboards
Passi Oksman – keyboards

Recording by Calle Svennerstedt and Tony Bakircioglu
Mastered by Rich Gray

Released 2021-07-16
Reviewed 2021-08-08


pride & joy

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“This will be good” is what I was thinking, and still kind of think, when I start playing this album. The opening track Once and for All is so inviting and catchy that you are just drawn towards it, but the album that looks like something more synth than rock is not up to the same standard. It is the first album, aptly titled just I, should we guess that II arrives in a year or so? It will most likely be like that for the band that was formed in 2015 and then found the current line-up the year after, the debut EP was released in 2018 and now comes the first album for a group that is claimed to be inspired by the likes of Mötley Crüe, Winger, Europe and such bands – inspirations are quite obvious, I think.

It is catchy and melodic hard rock with touches of metal, pop and such things. A well-produced album with a decent singer, but it is also an album that doesn’t offer anything we haven’t already heard. But it starts so well. Originality isn’t their thing it appears, but not only that, sensible playing time seems to be out of reach as well. The album feel a bit on the long side, like it doesn’t end and I think they could have made it seem great on the momentum of the opening track if it was shorter. I doubt this album will make much of a mark in terms of style and musical freshness, but there is probably still quite a bit of audience for it considering the popularity of the genre.

I is a pretty good album; it starts really well bus I mentioned earlier it doesn’t really follow up on that and the album ends up a bit anticlimactic in that it never really takes off. It is easy-listening that can be enjoyed for a while, but nothing that I will remember, nothing that will feel relevant when I look back at 2021. It feels a little like a wasted opportunity, like something that could and should have been better than it turned out to be.

It started so well, and that momentum carries on for a large part of the album, but the longer it goes the less interesting it feels. I am not that impressed, but I cannot deny that it is a good album that probably will seem very relevant to most fans of the style. If the similar bands, or other bands mentioned in this review are enjoyed by you it would be a good choice to check out this one.