Condemned to Suffer

Label: Petrichor/Hammerheart
Three similar bands: Deicide/Morbid Angel/Vomitory

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. 45362971N126375544E
2. Embedded Defects
3. Agonizing Subjection
4. Six Time’s A Charm
5. Condemned To Suffer
6. Destined Between The Eyes
7. Pseudosciense
8. Selective Apocalypse
9. Pulmonary Barotrauma
10. River Of Perdition

Damiën Kerpentier - Drums
Christian Both - Guitars
Vince den Breejen - Guitars
Bruno Bakker - Bass
Nico Munnik - Vocals

Dying for Hatred (EP 2007)
Breaking the Codes of Silence (2009)
Uninvolved (2015)


Artwork by Roberto Toderico
Mixed and mastered by Mendel bij de Leij

Released 2021-06-11
Reviewed 2021-05-20



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So, I guess the inspiration for the name of this band comes from a certain character, one that is against a cloud. It is a Dutch band with two previous albums in their past, this is their third. They condemn people to suffer, or perhaps it is them who are condemned to do just that – if Sephiroth were to decide the world would probably be suffering. But will you be condemned to suffer if you start listening to this one? Or what can we say about this new album by this album?

It is death metal, traditional death metal, old-school with growly vocals, aggressive guitars and smattering drums – pretty aggressive stuff, as is customary for the genre. No surprises are to be found for the one playing through the ten tracks of the album, ten tracks that requires about thirty-five minutes to play through. Ten tracks where the variation of songs is what we can expect from an album within this genre, it is fortunate that it is a pretty short album.

Not the most brilliant album ever made, not the most original either. Fans of the traditional death metal will probably think of this as a pretty good album, but I doubt that anyone will be thoroughly impressed by what they are hearing on this one. I don’t think that it is bad, just a tad uninteresting and not very impressive. There are better albums released all the time, so it is difficult to see that you need to waste your time with this one – nonetheless, it isn’t a terrible album and for some that is more than enough.

So, just dismiss this one then? Probably, but perhaps not if you are one of those who enjoy the traditional death metal genre. So, if the traditional and often unchanging music of traditional death metal is your thing, then this is probably worth checking out. It is not condemning anyone to suffer but it isn’t granting much joy either – the answer is pretty dreary.