Kissing Strangers During An Outbreak

Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Sleepytime Gorilla Museum/Devin Townsend/Faith No More

Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Milk Your Friends
2. The Saddest Face In All Existence
3. Shut Your Child’s Mouth Forever
4. Spoiler Alert – Everyone Dies In The End
5. Snort My Love Through Your Nose
6. Six Minute Abs
7. Babies Come From Trees
8. Hydration Party
9. Kissing Strangers During An Outbreak
10. Double Blue Tick Of Lol

Jared - Vocals, Lyrics
Piton - Guitars, Composition

Anorexic Insect (2017)
Don't Make This About You (2018)



Released 2021-05-28
Reviewed 2021-10-31


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I probably is wise to not do what the title of the new album by Sectlinefor suggests, perhaps it is best to not take anything they say seriously. The band is said to have a total disregard for boundaries and conventions, they are according to the press material unclassifiable. But from there they pin them in the alternative metal genre and pins them as for fans of five different artists, so in a way they are classifiable then? But you can be similar yet different, so maybe that is what they are, a mishmash of influences and irrelevant information combined into something exciting?

The third album by the duo isn’t easy to pin in just one corner, they borrow from everywhere and then put it together as they like without regard for what others do and what is the norm. Creatively exciting in a way, the lyrics are humorous according to some, I think they are ridiculous – but who knows, that might be the idea. The variation is large as well, they never look but and just move wherever they like, and result is a bit different, it is a very original album – perhaps even unique in many ways. Some might call the adventures they do exciting and colourful, others will probably shrug their shoulders, I guess it is an album that will elicit many different responses. I like that it isn’t another one of those generic albums I keep getting.

It could have been colourful, but I think it is mostly monochrome or shades of brown. The singing is bad, but that might be the idea. I want to like this album as it caters to what I want, it is fresh, it is unique, it is dramatic in a way, and it doesn’t thread the always threaded paths, it is a band that dares to make something different, who dares to be creative. But daring to create is also to dare to fail, and I think they do fail epically, this album is terrible. Still, I’d rather get terrible albums made with conviction instead of the generic blabla that I mostly get. Who wants another heavy metal album that sounds like any other heavy metal album? Or Bonafide, Bullet, and whatever else all those clones are called, who wants that? I take a unique crap album over that any day.

So, it can actually be worth checking these guys out, they may fail but do so in style. I hope they keep doing their thing and disregard all the conventions, that they keep pointing a finger straight into the eyes of the metal community – one of the stalest creative communities in the world. And when they manage to make something great, which I think they might, I will be there to praise a fantastic band. Tried and failed is a good thing, most bands don’t even try.