Truth in Between

Label: Metalville
Three similar bands: Megadeth/Metallica/Kreator

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Recensent: Daniel Källmalm
1. Back For No Good
2. Deceived By Paradise
3. Populate. Delete. Repeat.
4. Renegade
5. Half A Century
6. Infinite End
7. Truth In Between
8. Jailpit
9. I`m Not Gonna Stop
10. The Plague
11. (Un)certain Crimes
12. Never Satisfied
13. The Last Suffer

Richard „Ricky“ Wagner- Guitar, Lead Vocals
Bastian Santen - Drums, Vocals
Heiko Musolf - Guitar, Vocals
Bjarne Otto - Bass, Vocals

Have Gun, Will Travel (2010)
Civic Nightmares (2012)
Reality is a Lie (2016)
You Asked For It (EP 2017)
Deal With It (2019)


Produced by by Eike Freese at Chameleon Studios in Hamburg, Germany
Cover art by Markus Vesper

Released 2021-01-29
Reviewed 2021-03-12



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The truth is often somewhere between, and that might be what they are aiming at when they entitle their newest album. And with they, I mean Rezet. The German thrashers comes up with their fifth album, we weren’t fantastically positive to the earlier ones but described the latest we reviewed as a good step forwards for the band. This new one has a better cover and kind of continues on the same path they were on last time around, so let us see what kind of truths we can see about this album.

Thrash metal is what we are given here, pretty modern thrash at that. I think the vocalist is good and they have a relatively fresh sound, the ones who like the rougher thrash sound might find this a bit too polished. It is a decent likelihood that quite a few music fans will find this album to be a little bit on the long side with a playing time of around 57 minutes, they could have done away with at least three of the songs to make a more direct album. I almost always think that less is more when it comes to music, of course to a certain degree but most albums are better at 32 minutes over 52 minutes.

The long playing time is a slight negative of this album, I also think that the lack of a standout track works against it – pair those two and you can understand that it is an album that doesn’t make that strong of an impact. It becomes a fairly forgettable album, I still think that it is a good one to listen to, but don’t see that it is an album that you will select in competition with other albums, it doesn’t make that much of a mark – it seems almost like they are a bit too cautious with what they do and end up not quite doing anything. Thrash should be about aggression and about pushing the envelope in those areas, the music should evoke strong emotions, and show passion. I don’t think this album does that; I think Rezet should be capable of much more.

This is a pretty good album in general, it works, it should be good enough to enjoy for a while. It doesn’t have the memorability of the greatest albums, perhaps they have thought more about the sound and production than about what they actually want to say with the songs, to me they feel a bit sanitised and that is not what I want when I listen to thrash metal.