Press to Meco

Label: Marshall Records
Three similar bands: Biffy Clyro/Don Broco/Arcane Roots

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Transmute
2. Another Day
3. Smouldering Sticks
4. A Test of Our Resolve
5. Baby Steps
6. Sabotage
7. Overdue
8. Lead
9. Rusty Nails
10. Gold
11. Interlude
12. Way to Know
13. Hesitation

Luke Caley – guitar, vocals
Jake Crawford – bass, vocals
Lewis Williams – drums, vocals

Press to Meco (2012)
Affinity (2013)
Good Intent (2015)
Here's to the Fatigue (2018)
Acoustic (2019)


Recorded at The Round Tower, Cirencester
Machine – producer, mixing, mastering, engineer
Julian Cargiulo – engineer
Maximillian Malone – art and design


Released 2021-08-20
Reviewed 2021-11-27


marshall records

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I have seen the name Press to Meco pass by among the emails from time to time, but I haven’t written about any of their albums, until now. This is the third album by the trio that has a new bassist this time around. I read that “the band begged borrowed and stole (not literally) the equipment needed to build a makeshift studio” in a hunting tower. I also read about how they used crap furniture from a Swedish company that probably didn’t pay to receive the free advertising in the press material and subsequently sites that publish news from promotors. Good for them, I guess. So, what about Press to Meco’s new album then, is Transmute worth your while?

It has a kind of DIY feel to it, and I like that. The style isn’t particularly original though, the alternative style rock with everything from softer parts, punkish aggression and anthemic style songs – mostly lower tempo through the album. Singing that goes from finer singing to quite aggressive. Fairly dynamic, but a bit limited soundscape make it seem less dynamic than the songs actually are. But overall, a pretty well-made album, I like the raw soundscapes, but I am not as impressed by the following of tried and tested styles, why not dare more?

It is a fine album, I think the songs and the way they are sequenced works well, flawlessly. What is missing is excitement, the excitement of hearing something new and exciting, this is a bit too predictable – like way too much music released nowadays. You cannot be negative towards an album that has good music, good songs, is well made and so on, but a hunting tower DIY feel is the only thing setting them apart, writing generic songs but recording them in a stranger place doesn’t really change the fact that the songs are generic.

If you like the genre you will most likely like this one as well, check it out if the mentioned similar artists are appealing to you. Otherwise, it is probably an album that we can both have and miss, it doesn’t make much of a lasting impression even though it is fairly enjoyable to listen to.