Paul Gilbert
Werewolves of Portland

Label: The Players Club/Mascot Label Group
Three similar bands: Rush/Marty Friedman/Steve Vai

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Hello North Dakota!
2. My Goodness
3. Werewolves of Portland
4. Professorship at The Leningrad Conservatory
5. Argument About Pie
6. Meaningful
7. I Wanna Cry (Even Though I Ain't Sad)
8. A Thunderous Ovation Shook the Columns
9. Problem-Solving People
10. (You Would Not Be Able to Handle) What I Handle Everyday

Paul Gilbert

King of Clubs (1998)
Flying Dog (1998)
Alligator Farm (2000)
Raw Blues Power (2002)
Burning Organ (2002)
Gilbert Hotel (2003)
Space Ship One (2005)
Get Out of My Yard (2006)
Silence Followed by a Deafening Roar (2008)
United States (2009)
Fuzz Universe (2010)
Vibrato (2012)
Stone Pushing Uphill Man (2014)
I Can Destroy (2016)
Behold Electric Guitar (2019)


Recorded in Opal Studio in Portland with Kevin Hahn

Released 2021-06-04
Reviewed 2021-07-03


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Paul Gilbert is an accomplished musicians who has been providing music in several bands, like Mr Big, Racer X and more. And he has a pretty full list of solo albums, a guitarist who knows his craft might be one way to look at it. A cool cover for this new album with a title that is derivative of another title, and the title can be interpreted as something from a man who thinks slightly outside the box, but is it?

It is instrumental and guitar driven rock music, progressive might be a term that can be used. Gilbert has a pretty fresh and personal way to express himself with his guitar, and that makes this album fresh despite sometimes displaying very clear inspirations. The familiar meets the fresh and exciting, and you get an experience of hearing something that stands out from the creative standpoint rather than being just another one of those albums. It is also a varied album with the ten tracks just flying by, it feels like it ends before it even starts, almost.

Very difficult to see any downsides when it comes to the newest release by Paul Gilbert, it is a great album with so many positives. One that I have really enjoyed playing and there have been instances where I have just restarted it over and over after it has ended. He makes instrumental and guitar driven rock seem easy, it might be the way he expresses himself in a lyrical way and you can read the lyrics in the booklet so you can sing along with the words that hides behind the melodies. This makes this album feel fresh, a little bit different and exciting. It is great to hear that creativity still is around in the world of music, Paul Gilbert gives hope and enjoyment with a great album.

I can recommend this one, it is really great, and I have nothing to complain about. I enjoy every track but perhaps the one called Argument About Pie is the one that stands out slightly more, I also like the opening of the album. It is clearly worth checking out, it is an album that will not disappoint.