Neumatic Parlo
Random Toaster

Label: Unique Records
Three similar bands: Joy Division/Sonic Youth/Family5

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Real Insight
2. Nicolas Winding Refn
3. Lake Perris State Recreation Area
4. Ghost
5. Airplane

Vincent Göttler - Vocals, Guitar
Justin Janssen - Drums
Frederick Oltersdorf - Bass
Luis Wedekind - Synthesizer
Simon Hartmann - Guitar

All Purpose Slicer (EP 2020)


Production & Mixing - Patrick Stäudle 
Mastering - Alex Kloss

Released 2021-05-14
Reviewed 2021-11-06

unique records 

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So, first they cut the bread with the all-purpose slicer and now pick a random toaster to toast it – how about that for a sequence of titles? At least they have that going for them as I was less than impressed with last year’s debut EP All Purpose Slicer. This Random Toaster is yellow. The artwork is hardly amazing. Still, the question must be whether the quintet has improved their craft since last year.

Of course, they are in the same general music style psych pop, with fuzz, garage rock, and things like that in the description. It is better produced this time. The sound is better and has more punch to it. The five tracks are passed quickly and the final one feels a bit too silent and not quite like something brilliant, Airplane it is called, and it is not like flying away on a new adventure. The general impression is that they are improving their craft, and that this one is an improvement.

Progress! Not a massive improvement, but still a fair bit better than what they gave us last year and that should probably be enough for those into the style of music the band represent. What is missing is still standout tracks, and that captivating feel of the music in general. They play it too safe, the tried and tested that is good when building roads, bridges, houses, and that kind of thing, less brilliant when it comes to art. For me it is good enough to give a spin, but the disk will probably be collecting dust now that the words are written.

I suggested that you didn’t need to bother last time around, this has a better chance of being interested so if you like the similar stuff mentioned you should give it a closer look. But don’t expect anything groundbreaking or exciting, this is hardly an album for the history books. Neumatic Parlo takes a decent step forward, and perhaps this step indicates that there is something relevant in their future.