Mostly Autumn
Graveyard Star

Label: Mostly Autumn Records
Three similar bands: Karnataka/Magenta/Breathing Space

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Graveyard Star
2. The Plague Bell
3. Skin of Mankind
4. Shadows
5. The Harder That You Hurt
6. Razor Blade
7. This Endless War (
8. Spirit of Mankind
9. Back in These Arms
10. Free to Fly
11. The Diamond
12. Turn Around Slowly

Olivia Sparnenn-Josh - vocals
Bryan Josh - guitars, vocals
Chris Johnson - guitars
Iain Jennings - keyboards
Angela Gordon - flute, keyboards
Andy Smith - bass
Henry Rogers - drums

For All We Shared... (1998)
The Spirit of Autumn Past (1999)
The Last Bright Light (2001)
Music Inspired by The Lord of the Rings (2001)
Passengers (2003)
Storms Over Still Water (2005)
Heart Full of Sky (2006)
Glass Shadows (2008)
Go Well Diamond Heart (2010)
The Ghost Moon Orchestra (2012)
Dressed in Voices (2014)
Sight of Day (2017)
White Rainbow (2019)



Released 2021-09-26
Reviewed 2021-11-06

mostly autumn records 

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It is strange years that are mostly autumn, but fun for a band name. A band that has been around for quite a while, never signing with a major label but still managing to reach decent success. There has been a few albums and quite a few members over the years, but I think that it is the later iterations that are the most exciting, so how about this new one? The reviews are positive online, but then so are reviews for almost any crap these days – so how good is it really?

It is a band that begun very inspired by the seventies progressive rock with some celtic and folkish elements, they have become more modern lately so they are relatively progressive which is more than you can say about many of their peers. The vocals are male and female, most notable are the vocals by Olivia who has an excellent voice for this kind of music. The balance between vocals is also good, as is the depth of the album, the production is excellent. It feels pretty fresh and quite varied despite the tempo being overall quite low to mid-tempo. I would say that the playing time is pretty sensible as well, it is a strong production seen through all aspects.

Great album with great songs throughout, some with a bit of hit-potential as well. Graveyard Star might be one of their strongest albums, and one of the finer released in 2021 that I have heard. I don’t see anything to really complain about, it is a strong album throughout. Sure, there are arguments that can be made when it comes to the originality and such things, but they are original enough and when you master your craft almost to perfection it isn’t really possible to be negative – unless you are a moron. I think this one is one to look at, it would be quite bad to miss it as it is one of the top releases of 2021.

Don’t miss this one, it is an album worthy of you attention and it would not only be the star of the graveyard, but of work or home as well. Fans, be it new ones or old, will be happy with this one, Mostly Autumn keeps delivering the goods as they almost always does – you can’t ask for much more than what they offer.