John Mcris

Label: Symmetric Records
Three similar bands: Bob Katsionis/Steve Vai/Seagall

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Ark
2. Neo Paradise
3. The Grid
4. Return
5. Beyond The Stars
6. Dusk
7. Twin Paradox
8. Upside Down

John McRis: - All Guitars, keyboards on tracks 3,6,8
Bob Minetos - Bass
Angelo Giampouras - Drums

Beyond Eternity (EP 2007)
Nuclear Winter (2008)
Scores of War (2018)
Symphony of War (EP 2019)

Manos Gavalas - Keyboards on Track 1
Vangelis Tsimpinos - Keyboards on Tracks 2,4,5
Bob Katsionis - Keyboards on Track 7
Niki Rosa Frei - Choir on Track 3,6

All music composed, recorded, mixed & mastered by John Mcris
at Hell's Kitchen Studio, Athens, GR
Drums recorded at Soundflakes Studio, Athens

Released 2021-04-26
Reviewed 2021-05-23

symmetric records

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John’s Ark is leaving for the moons of Jupiter it seems, it is a sci-fi themed debut album by the Greek musician who has been heard in the comedy rockers Anorimoi on several albums. It is John’s debut solo release that is inspired by sci-fi soundtracks and perhaps also some video game music if I am to believe the press info that followed this promo.

It is instrumental rock, akin to movie soundtracks, sort of like something from sci-fi movies of old. Epic and sweeping drama, but not very dynamic. Vocals can create that kind of dynamics, but I think John goes more for a soundtrack feel rather than anything else. A really good production and the eight tracks have a fairly short playing time so there isn’t a great risk of you getting too bored with it.

This is a great album to use as background music when playing video games or doing something else. It isn’t quite an album that really grabs me as a listener, there isn’t quite enough exciting stuff to pull me into it. I wish the album was more dynamic, but fans of the instrumental rock kind of music will probably think differently to me and I also doubt that anyone would really be too disappointed in case of purchasing the album. The question is if you really should purchase it, wouldn’t do it.

I might recommend this one to the fans of the instrumental rock music, but with reservations for an album that lacks some of the excitement that could make a good album great. I am not sure that anyone would be too disappointed, but not overly overjoyed either, it isn’t an album I will consider to be amongst the highlights of 2021. In the end it could be worth checking out, but don’t expect it to blow you away.