Invisible Horizon

Label: Horus Music
Three similar bands: Iron Maiden/Helloween/Accept

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Topless Beers, Free Bartenders and False Advertisement
2. Roll the Dice
3. Never Call Back
4. Too Late for Canada
5. The Honest Revenge of the Freaks
6. Vision
7. Tune of the Dead
8. EJ 666 LR
9. End

Paolo Carrone – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Davide Avetta – Bass, Backing Vocals
Alessandro Cultrera – Guitars, Backing Vocals


Marcello Vieira – Lead and Backing Vocals
Marco Binda – Drums

Recorded at The Yellow Inn Studios
Produced and engineered by Invisible Horizon
Mixed and mastered at Finnvox Studios

Released 2020-11-27
Reviewed 2021-01-16

horus music

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Invisible Horizon from Italy comes up with their debut album that could be imagined to be a deafening experience, the artwork is pretty funny. The logo makes me think of a pretty well known British band with a serious following, and when researching this album I notice that some of the members belong to a tribute band to said Brits. That might be an indication of a band that sounds much like their inspirations, but they use the words Fresh Metal in some of their communications, like the information file that followed this promo. A band using something like fresh metal has to be making fresh metal, doesn’t it?

Right, or perhaps not. I think they make pretty standardised heavy metal, not that much fresh thinking here. I think the soundscape is a bit generic, it sounds a little bit dated and the vocalist isn’t too impressive, he is okey but not great, and there are quite a few singers of this calibre in the more generic pool of the heavy metal music so there isn’t much standout material here. The songs are of the usual variation for a heavy metal album, and there are no surprises here and I would place them on the lower half of the heavy metal scale. Fresh metal doesn’t reflect what we get here, but misinformation seems to be the thing of the times so why not? They keep the playing time sensible with the nine tracks requiring less than forty minutes to play through.

Overall, I find this album to be relatively accessible, probably easy to like but you grow tired with it faster than you can read the title of the opening track. I am missing that great hit song, and after a few minutes it feels like the album just stands in the same spot not really getting anywhere. I would not be unfair to claim that many bands and albums sounds better and more interesting than this one. I wonder who would be drawn to this album, who are the audience for this album? It is difficult to see that they would sell many copies of this one.

No, there are better choices, I don’t think these guys do enough to be interesting or to be called fresh metal. I would recommend finding something else to spend your hard-earned money on, perhaps something that is actually exciting or interesting – this is one of those albums I tend to look forward towards the end and the next, and probably more exciting album. Invisible Horizon needs to do a lot more than this to be relevant.