The Journey

Label: My Kingdom Music
Three similar bands: Antimatter/Katatonia/Anathema

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. The Game
2. In My Dream
3. The Past
4. Clouds
5. In The Pale Land
6. The Gathering
7. No Escape
8. Traces Of You
9. Tied To The Ground
10. Uncensored
11. Silent Path

Luca Mazzotta - vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, keyboards, synth, drums and percussions programming

Still Bleeding (2015)
The Human Defeat (2017)

Tamara My - vocals on song 11

Recorded at Helfir's studio
Mixed and mastered by Angelo E. Buccolieri
Photography, artwork and design by Antonio Leo

Released 2020-11-06
Reviewed 2021-02-06

my kingdom

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It could be a journey, the third album by one-man project Helfir that consists of Luca Mazzotta who has been doing music in several other bands besides Helfir and been touring with Orphaned Land as well as Antimatter for his Helfir releases. This one looks dramatic with a dark cover that kind of conveys the atmosphere of the album, and I read in the press material that “The decadence has a new interpreter: its name is Helfir!” So how about it?

Musically it is gothic or dark rock, kind of a noir sense to it. Like a film journey in a way, at least in the emotional resonance of the atmosphere. I do, however, feel like there is not that much depth and in that sense the album is more like a soundtrack than something actually conveying a story in itself. It is like you have this great kind of cake, but it really needs some whipped cream to be really great, it is almost a disappointment without. But the sound and atmosphere are very compelling, as is the vocal performance – it is the depth and dynamics that is somewhat lacking and makes the album seem a bit on the long side with its fifty-minute playing time.

It is a decent album, or it is quite fine. The Journey doesn’t stand up that well to scrutiny though, you will soon notice that nothing much happens throughout the tracks and that it would be better suited as a soundtrack to a noir type of film than as an album that you want to listen to. It is a background music kind of thing and it never really wants you to listen or focus on it as it lacks that kind of features. I see it as an even grey kind of album, it lacks the darkness and the hope that is required to become more memorable and exciting.

This is a pretty forgettable thing that is fine to have in the background but doesn’t ever reach a level of something that you carry with you as a part of the soundtrack of your life. It isn’t exciting enough, dramatic enough, or great enough to stand out, it is probably fine if you like the similar bands, but don’t expect anything that sets your world alight.