Lurking in the Dark

Label: Sliptrick Records
Three similar bands: Martelgang/Wömit Angel/Impaled Nazarene

Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. The World Will Burn
02. Cut Me Open
03. Space 1
04. Lurking In The Dark
05. Break Away
06. Addicted N Broke
07. Space 2

Mad Moonshine Mattis AKA Pyroman (Pyromaniac) – All music

Pyroman (2018)
Haunting The Basement (EP 2019)



Released 2021-03-16
Reviewed 2021-05-14


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Fullmåne, that is full moon if translated to English from Swedish, or Norwegian as this one-man band happen to be Norwegian. I guess it is fitting that the press material tells us about boredom and prowling the dark streets looking for a way out. The cover certainly looks like something you want to find a way out of, the logo looks shabby, and the cover pictures is pretty bad. So, is the album the escape you want from boredom, or is it something you want to escape from?

Punky black metal is probably the style, lo-fi production, or DIY is what it can be described as. Simple songs in a relatively aggressive tone, the vocals are grunty or growly and the variation isn’t much to write home about. The playing time is short and sensible, and it is a good thing that the bands don’t overstay their welcome. But while it is short and sensible it is quite far from brilliant.

I don’t find this album to be very exciting, actually it isn’t exciting at all. The songs don’t really make much of an impact, raw and simple songs can have strong appeal but not these songs. First time I played this album I was hit by how dull it was, boring if you like, and I am not sure that boredom is a good way to sell or promote music but that is what this is. This album lacks emotional resonance, so why bother? This album feels mostly like wasted time, and not even in the pale full moon light does it make any kind of impact.

It may not appeal to me, but could it appeal to someone else? Probably, there are always fans to any kind of music so I would be very surprised if this was an exception to that. The audience is probably quite small though, but I can see that it could be some appeal to this raw sounding album, such albums appeal to me from time to time, not this one though as it only seems to press the button for boredom. Still, I guess you shouldn’t discount that some will find it interesting to be lurking in Fullmåne’s dark, though there is a great likelihood that most will not.