Dion Bayman

Label: Dion Bayman Music
Three similar bands: Bon Jovi/Richard Marx/Bryan Adams

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. Alive
02. Waiting For That Day
03. You Will Never Know
04. One Way Ticket
05. To Die For
06. Breathless
07. Miracle
08. Jaded
09. Something About You
10. Show You Heaven

Dion Bayman

Smoke and Mirrors (2013)
Afterburn (2014)
Don't Look Down (2016)
Better Days (2018)


All songs written, arranged, produced, performed, mixed and mastered by Dion Bayman

Released 2021-10-22
Reviewed 2021-11-29


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Like yesterday we go down the Australian route, this time it is Dion Bayman and his new album Alive. We reviewed Bayman a few years ago, very favourably and he hasn’t lost much since then. Alive has pretty nice cover, it has ten tracks and it is a catchy pop-rock release that has been three years in the making. Bayman says that it was worth the wait, but is he right?

Musically there are no fancy novelties or things like that, the songs are of a tried and tested variety. It is things that work, well produced and catchy pop-rock songs of the melodic kind. Many songs are uptempo and positive in their outlook, something that is positive when looking to make a quick impression on listeners. There is quite some hit potential among the ten tracks on offer here. But there is a backside with doing the tried and tested, and that is the difficulty of measuring up to those that once led the way – it is almost impossible.

Alive works on many levels, I like it as the songs are so accessible and they are all good. Bayman sings well too, there is a lot to like with this album and I am sure that most of you will enjoy it quite a bit. No one who likes Bayman’s previous work will find this unappealing, it is an album that press the right buttons and never really falls outside the framework. And this adherence to the conventional is probably what makes Alive fairly forgettable despite the high quality songs and production, there is nothing that really stands out about it – you need those things to make an impression.

Enjoyable album, one that is worth checking out if you like the pop-rock kind of music. The songs are catchy, the melodies strong, the hit potential is there. It is an easy album to like, and it is another showcase of how great it is with catchy choruses and strong melodies, but also a showcase of how easy it is to forget such albums and songs.