Songs and Tales of Grievance

Label: Inverse Records
Three similar bands: Silent Descent/Insomnium/Be'lakor

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. Ambuscade
02. Paroxysm
03. Obscenity
04. Contretemps
05. Morbus
06. Progradation
07. Imprudence
08. Memoria
09. Umbra
10. The Mist

Jenna Kohtala - Vocals
Valtteri Halkola - Vocals
Jaakko Yli-Sorvari - Guitars
Mikael Haapala - Guitars
Elias Halkola - Bass
Arto Pieksämäki - Drumss

Poltetun veden pinta (EP 2015)
Guide My Fury (EP 2017)

152 (2020)


Recorded, mixed & mastered at Entropy Mixing by Santeri Peltomäki
Drums recorded at Studio Watercastle by Arttu Sarvanne
Artwork: Sanni Ruuttula

Released 2021-07-30
Reviewed 2021-08-09

inverse records

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The foggy Finnish sextet called Dimman comes up with their debut album, I have written about two of their previous EPs, the one called 152 was quite impressive. This one looks quite grey though, the cover isn’t very great but they have managed to put together ten tracks and little over forty minutes of modern melodic death metal. They call this debut album Songs and Tales of Grievance and apart from the ending self-titled song the tracks have one-wort titles. Was this something that they thought out from the beginning, long title, short song titles? Those are things that I think about, but I also think about the music and I have been waiting for an album by this band since I wrote about 152 last year.

They have a strong dynamic between the male growling and female clean vocals, the growler quite ordinary for the melodic death metal stuff – the female vocals are enjoyable. They combine the melodic death metal with synths and pop elements, something that gives their album an interesting creative flavour and it kind of continues along the path set forth with 152. But with some more diversity and maturity, and probably a higher quality production. Perhaps also somewhat less exciting than the EP that preceded it was, but it is a diverse and creatively interesting album anyway and I think it would be fair to say that the band has found a good niche for themselves within the melodic death metal style.

I like this album; it is much what I was hoping for after enjoying the 152 EP. It may not have that extraordinary track that the EP opened with, and why do they open with a kind of growl that almost seems designed to scare away the listener? These are some small niggles that I have, but they do not detract much from the overall feel of the album that I think is very positive. It is one of the more interesting albums I have written about this year, I really like how they combine the very melodic with the modern and death metallic, it creates a very interesting dynamic that they handle very well, and most of the hopes I had for this album were fulfilled.

No songs of grievances after listening to this one, at least not for me. I have enjoyed playing this album many times, and it is great to hear some melodic death metal that isn’t just copying the great pioneers from a few decades ago. And it is certainly a more colourful album than the cover would suggest, check it out!