Death Pop Radio

Label: Dark Star Records
Three similar bands: Kings X/White Zombie/Red Fang

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Monster TV
2. Ravens
3. Rock ‘em Sock ‘em
4. Bitten Lips
5. Wake Up Drop Dead
6. Roses and Disdain
7. Knocked Down
8. Rat Tail
9. Jesus Crisis
10. Flatliners
11. F@#k It!
12. Like A Bomb (The Joy Thieves Remix)
13. F@#k It! (Radio Edit)
14. Knocked Down (Radio Edit)

Dee J Nelson — Guitars, vocals
Eric Liljehorn/EL Mysterioso — vocals
Mike Streicher — Bass, vocals
Jim Bluthardt — Drums



Produced by Dee J Nelson Mixed by Dee J Nelson
Engineered by Dee J Nelson
Recorded at DJN Music Studio

Released 2021-05-07
Reviewed 2021-08-23


dark star records

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Can it be something with Death Pop Radio? Well, perhaps it could, but the cover doesn’t promise much as it looks like they didn’t care even a little bit about that. I think the cover art is an important aspect of the process of an album, apparently the band doesn’t agree with me. So, they have focused on the music rather than the look of the album? Well, I have been listening and I am not so sure about that either as the album isn’t very impressive either.

It is grunge rock or pop rock, punky pop rock, with pretty hoarse vocals and very simple song structures – like radio pop but without the commercial quality of radio pop. The sound is a bit so-so, not very impressive, neither is the creative aspect of the album that I think is too derivative to really impress anyone. Another aspect that isn’t doing the band or album any favours is the insane playing time, fourteen tracks and over one hour is just too much no matter how you want to look at it.

Death Pop Radio’s debut album starts quite well and almost pulls me in, but then I quickly grow tired with it as the songs sounds more or less the same through the entire album. There is almost no variation, and the album grows duller for each passing song – they could easily do away with around half the songs and it would not be detrimental to the entirety of the album. In fact, the songs are good as standalones but the album as a whole is pretty dreary.

I don’t think the world would have been worse without Death Pop Radio, it could probably be an improvement if this album never was made. Sure, it isn’t directly awful or anything but albums like these are already way too many and why waste time listening to another one? If you miss Death Pop Radio’s debut album you will not really miss anything of value.