Black Diamonds
No-Tell Hotel

Label: Metalapolis Records
Three similar bands: Crystal Ball/Bon Jovi/Mötley Crüe

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. No-Tell Hotel
2. Evil Twin
3. Lonesome Road
4. Forever Wild
5. Saturday
6. Anytime
7. The Island
8. My Fate
9. Hand In Hand
10. Reaching For The Stars
11. Turn To Dust
12. Outlaw

Mich – vocals
Andi – bass & vocals
Chris – guitar
Manu – drums

First Strike (2008)
Perfect Sin (2013)
Once Upon A Time (2017)



Released 2021-03-12
Reviewed 2021-02-15

karisma records

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The diamonds are black when it comes to what we are looking at today, it looks like a classic hard rock album. The band has been heard in commercials for a Swiss railroad company and some other TV stuff apparently. This is their fourth album, and it features some new members who apparently has brought some new influences and life into the band. So, can it be something to have?

It sounds as the cover looks, classic hard rock. I would say that they sound like a dulled version of Crystal Ball, you can also hear influences of the eighties sleaze and glam styles – pretty simple and straightforward. Decent singer and production, there are no surprises, and the tracks are of the expected variety. Novelty is clearly absent, so it is like the cover but without the colour and polish – less shiny, I guess.

I think that this album is pretty decent, but it needs more tempo, and more energy, more enthusiasm, more drive, more novelty, it needs more life. It is an album that never really takes off anywhere, there are some good tracks like the opening No-Tell Hotel title track and the ending track Outlaw, but none of those really fly that high either. The weakness of this album is that it is a bit bland, are they playing a bit safe? It almost sounds like they aren’t taking any risks, and therefore end up not really doing anything exciting.

It might be that those who like the similar bands, or bands like them, will find this album more agreeable than I do. Still, don’t count on getting an album that will shine or stand out. I would say that the answer is probably no, and that means a rating that is greyer.